A #TBT Blog: If Not Now, When?

I originally published this blog post on March 25, 2015, but as I re-read it over a year later so much of it still holds true. In Throwback Thursday fashion, let's re-visit. 


Yesterday I did something that I've never done before: I left a job where I was truly content. A job that was fulfilling, stable, and sensical. Six years ago, I graduated at 24 years old with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from an excellent university. I entered the working world with a career path to success laid out ahead of me. 

So why would I leave my seemingly perfect job? A change of location? A better salary elsewhere? A moment of insanity? Truthfully, none of the above (although moment of insanity is probably the closest option).

For the past year and a half my life has unfolded in the most unexpected of ways. Not surprisingly, this began with the formation of November Project here in San Diego. As that continued to grow, along came lululemon with the run ambassador program, then the Boston Qualifying marathon, the Nuun and Honey Stinger sponsorships, and finally the idea for a run buisness began to form.

As you can imagine, all of these take time. As does holding a steady, paying job. Not only time, but focus and concentration and energy. And so for the past year or so, I've been walking a tightrope. Balancing passion with responsibility, dreams with reality, chance with safety. 

Opportunities and people enter your world daily. How you interact with them and what you pursue of the options that come your way are choices. Each choice, no matter how small, can significantly alter your path. Sometimes the opportunities and people that enter your corner of the world will only come along once in your lifetime. 

There is no way to predict the future, but sometimes you know one thing for certain: if you don't go for it now, if you don't dive wholeheartedly into something you're passionate about, you will always wonder. What would have happened if I ____________ (fill in the blank)? 

Life is short. We each have a specific number of minutes, hours, and days on this planet. A finite number of opportunities to leave our footprint, our legacy, and to change the world we live in. If you have a passion, or you see an opportunity arise in your world that sparks your heart and soul, take it. What the world needs most is passionate people who want to improve upon their surroundings, who want to make where they live a better place, and who make the people they interact with happier. 

So for me, this means a career change. For you it might be a hobby, or project, or community service organization, or volunteer opportunity. But whatever it is that is calling to you, I strongly urge you to listen. That opportunity may not be around indefinitely, waiting for you to decide to pursue it. 

Is it scary? Yes. But fear is not bad. Fear can be harnessed. Fear can be a driving force towards success. Sometimes you have to go for it, forget the baby step and take the leap.

Because if not now, when?