So, What Do You Do? (A Reflection)

As June is about to begin, I find myself reflecting on the past 6 months, year, two years since my life course altered paths. I came across this blog post and it was a reminder that throughout all of the twists and turns, the driver behind my life and path has remained the same. The moment I was able to vocalize my dharma, my purpose on this planet, the clarity of the future improved. Read more.


Ah, the age old question: What do you do? From distant relatives to new acquaintances to first dates to small talk, this is one of the most common questions we get asked. A few weeks ago I was asked by Keith Donohue (the founder of Kevala) to speak at an event at Bird Rock Yoga called Clean Slate. The concept behind the event was a meditation, a dharma talk, and a handful of community influencers introducing themselves and talking about, yes, what they do. Keith is amazing and his handpicked group of influencers are all rockstars, so yes I was definitely in.

But shit, what do I do?

A few months ago I went to a Kevala meditation and dharma event and my #girlcrush, Julia Sparkman, was leading. She asked us what we thought our dharma (in this sense, our purpose in life) was. After some thought, the initial reaction I had was just the word "connection."

Fast forward a few months and that idea of connection has grown, shifted, and solidified. Preparing for my turn to speak at Clean Slate, I realized that I had never really vocalized to the public what my dharma, my purpose, and what I do was. No time like the present.

My name is Lauren Padula. I am a connector of people. I connect people to their true selves, I connect people to one another, and I connect people to their community. This is what I do. This is what I was put on this planet to do.

How I do that has many facets: I teach yoga to help connect people to their true selves, I teach yoga to runners and lead events and workshops to connect people to one another, I lead November Project and I'm a lululemon ambassador to connect people to their community. The list goes on and on (and will continue to grow... spoiler alert - new, cool ways to connect in the running community are coming) but at the core lies connection.

So, let me ask you: What Do You Do?