Review Time: June StrideBox

Literally a week after my May StrideBox arrived, the June one appeared! Talk about (pleasantly) surprised! Let's see how it stacked up.

First, the Stride Guide (cheat sheet with all the info on what's in your box) had an awesome feature I missed last month: next to each product it tells you whether its for before, during, or after your run. That's genius! 

Again, I was happy to see a mixture of food items and gear in this box.

1. Jimmy Bar - Snack Bar - Peanut Butter Clutter. The ingredients are simple: dates, peanut butter, crisp brown rice, peanuts, almonds, and honey. And it tasted just like that. I'd compare it in taste to a Perfect Bar - but not quite as tasty. That being said, it was a simple and easy snack that curbed some midday cravings and the natural ingredients were appreciated.

2. Honey Stinger - Organic Energy Gel  - Mango Orange. Honey Stinger is one of my go to run nutrition brands so I was very happy to see something I knew I was going to like in the box. I had never had this flavor and it proved to be light and refreshing! My only request - caffeine!

3. Viter Energy - Energy Mint - Wintergreen. Mints + caffeine? Hm, interesting. While the flavor was a little on the "fake sugar" side for my taste, the caffeine boost was substantial (2 mints = 8 oz of coffee) and appreciated!

4. Brave Soldier - Friction Zone - Anti Chafe. I typically go for the stick form of anti-chafing product, and this was more of a jelly texture in a small packet. It worked fantastically however! I used it on a midday 12.5 mile training run in the heat, and not a spot of chafing!

5. Vega Sport - Electrolyte Hydrator - Berry. As a brand, I've always appreciated Vega, but I typically only use their recovery line (as I'm partial to a different hydrator). However, the flavor was good, the stevia extract wasn't too overpowering, and the electrolyte levels were adequate for hydration after a normal length run (8 miles today).

6. Spider Tech - Kinesiology Tape - X Spider. Going way back to my days as a sports medicine physical therapist, I've always liked kinesiology tape. I used it on patients frequently, as well as myself when I had a bout of patellar tendinosis. It's been a while since I've had a nagging injury I felt could benefit from kinesiology tape, but I'm currently dealing with some periosteal irritation of my left heel due to plantar fascia and Achilles issues so I thought I'd give it a try. Again, the tape doesn't disappoint. While not alleviating my pain, it did significantly decrease it. My only complaint is that the adhesive on this brand did not feel as long lasting as other brands I've used.

7. Klitch - Deodorizer - Fresh Scent. These small, but powerful, plastic packets pack a large deodorizing power - and are the perfect size to throw in your shoes, your car, or your gym bag. Sold. 

Overall, this box continues to impress me with the products that you receive each month. The $15 price tag is proving to be well worth it!