What I'm Into Wednesday - The New Format

Changes. Are. Scary. It doesn't matter large or small, change is unsettling. We are creatures of habit, we like to find routine (as much as we say we don't) and change threatens that routine. But change is where growth happens. And it's a constant in life, it will always be there. So the better we get at embracing change, the easier change becomes.

What I'm Into Wednesday was previously an opt-in only email that went out to readers on Wednesday mornings. It was inspired by an author/podcaster/human guinea pig I admire (Tim Ferriss) who sends out an email weekly with the 5 things he's most into that week.

My spin is that what I'm into is organized by senses: what I'm hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting, and doing that week that I'm stoked on.

Why the shift to blog posts from emails? First, I'm a fan of the empty inbox and I think you should be too. Second, being able to refer people to a blog post is infinitely easier than trying to re-forward an email. Third, bigger reach and more people to share the fun with.

So without further adieu...


What doesn't Netflix have these days? From movies, to TV shows, to documentaries, to their own series' the possibilities are endless. For people (like us) who don't own a TV, Netflix is awesome. A few months ago, Angelo and I stumbled upon a stand up comedy special from Mike Birbiglia. I knew nothing about him, but was instantly laughing so hard I was crying (the "Scrambler" bit, so good). Yesterday we discovered that YAY he has a new special out! Do yourself a favor and watch. It was a much needed laughter break in our evening. 


The other day we were walking over to our friend Lou and Amanda's house. They live in an awesome back house that shares a great yard. Walking through their yard I was struck by the smell. It smelled like amazing, fresh, blooming flowers. I'm no botanist (horticulturist? florist?) so I have no idea what they were. But it was impressive. All of the rain we've been getting in San Diego is doing fantastic things for the landscape and the fresh scents that come along with it. 


A few weeks ago I wrote about Rich Roll (a vegan, athlete podcaster) who I have started obsessing over. Yes, I know I'm late to the game on that one. Between then and now it was announced that the one and only Brogan Graham was a guest on his show talking all things November Project, world takeover, free fitness, and community. It's an excellent episode and it doesn't matter how many times you've heard Brogan speak on the topic, it's always fascinating. Listen. And then also watch Brogan's Creative Mornings speech. If you're not inspired to do good in the world after that, I don't know how to help you.


A few weeks ago we went to a friend's house for a big Italian dinner on a Saturday night and for dessert we had homemade tiramisu. WHAT. So good. So this week I was doing some shopping at Grocery Outlet (my secret spot for cheap, overstocked Whole Foods food to end up) and they had tiramisu Talenti. For $1.99!! Did you know that the put marscapone cheese in it? It was delicious. So creamy and the flavor was on point. 


Have you ever killed the battery in your car and had to jump start it? In my 32 years of life, I never have. Until this week. Someone (ahem, not me) left the lights on in the Jeep and totally killed the battery. Luckily, a nice gentleman saw us staring very blankly at the car battery and happened to have a self starting jumper (no other car needed). I learned so much! Which was good. Because we promptly turned the car right back off (without thinking) and killed the battery again. Duh.