What I'm Into Wednesday - Sore Muscles, Full Hearts

Do you ever come off of a good weekend on a serious high and someone asks you why your weekend was so good and you can't really articulate it? Nothing was extra-ordinary about this weekend but it was exactly what I wanted/needed it to be. And here I find myself in a brand new week with sore muscles and a full heart - just the way I like it.


A few months ago we were lucky enough to have gotten some serious (for SoCal) rain in San Diego. And that led to a blooming of wildflowers like nothing I've ever seen here. Places like Tecolote and Mission Trails transformed into bright yellow fields. Trail running was magnificent. And now we're back in more of a normal climate and those wildflowers have died off... but it's left something unique in its place. These chest height reminders sparked a conversation about the life cycle of plants - and how special it is that these plants (that are no longer serving a visual purpose of beauty) will soon fall and decompose to provide nutrients to the plants that will grow in their place. Nature, man. It's special.


The weekend started on Friday afternoon with a dinner par-tay of sorts with some of my favorite humans. Our friends, Lou and Amanda and Napoli, hosted Puerto Rican night at their house. It was part to just spend time together and part to christen their brand new (and beautiful) picnic table (that was built by my brother in law!). It started with homemade sourdough bread (thanks to the bread queen, Allie) and chorizo and tostones (fried plantains) and then moved to pork shoulder and a rice dish and finished with pineapple rum upside down cake. All deliciousness was washed down with a rum and passionfruit cocktail. To say the house smelled good would be a very serious understatement. And the vibes were perfect for kicking off a weekend!


This is one of those weeks where I couldn't be happier that smell and taste are under two categories - because I kind of get to double dip. Here's a dirty little secret about me - I LOVE Souplantation. And I love it even more because my trail running friends love it too. From giant salads to chili and cornbread to the gluten free coconut muffins, I'm in heaven. It's extraordinarily mediocre, and there's something special about that. Our NPSUMMIT house reunion on Sunday consisted of Tecolote trail runs for breakfast and Souplantation for lunch and it was bomb diggity. 


If you've ever taken a yoga class with me, you know I love me some Sylvan Esso. A while ago I was introduced to a new song of theirs, but kind of forgot that with new songs eventually (usually) comes new albums. So I was pretty pumped to come across their 2017 album last night. Give it a listen.


Less. Do less. Plan less. Go with the flow more. While I did have some specific things planned for the weekend (workouts, classes, etc.) I largely left this weekend unplanned. And that was part of what made it so perfect. It left time for wandering, exploring, hitting snooze, chatting a little longer with friends, cracking more jokes, eating extra food, and just generally choosing activities based on what I wanted to do, not what I had to do. So when you can, do less and experience more.