Maximize My Month - July 2017

Sometimes you have great ideas that you're chomping at the bit to engage and sometimes you're fresh out of ideas and just waiting for inspiration. I love when that inspiration strikes!

Let's back up. June's goal was to do handstands every day. I put an entire year (2015) into learning how to do handstands. And like anything, if you don't use it you lose it. And I had felt like I lost it. But it was really fun and fascinating to see how quickly that movement pattern came back this past month. It really is like riding a bike - muscle memory is there and it's powerful. And sometimes flipping your perspective (literally) is very necessary.

Back to this month's inspiration. Last week I got to Ashley Lane Fitness a few minutes early for a session with a client and I took advantage of it to spend 10 minutes working hip and ankle mobility. Only 10 minutes and it was the best I've felt in months. I mentioned this in passing to my friend, and Vajoggy founder, the HP (and tiny, bread making magician Allie) and they were in agreement that it was an area they needed to be working on. This is the moment of inspiration: accounta-billa-buddies. Every day we'd text each other to remind each other to take 5 minutes and work on something we know we need to be doing daily (for us, mobility work). 

So that's July's goal: get yourself an accounta-billa-buddy. Find someone with similar goals. Commit to each other to keep each other in line to do those small things that you would forget about/postpose/procrastinate on your own.

Together, we're stronger!