Maximize My Month - October 2017


October marks the 1 Year Anniversary of these "Maximize My Month" mini challenges. They started as a way to keep myself accountable to actually making the small changes that I always said I should do, and along the way they've morphed into mini accountability groups to help each other make the small changes that have big effects.

In honor of the anniversary, I'm going back to the challenge from October 2016. Is that allowed? Sure. I made it up, so I say it is. The OG challenge was No Complaint October.

Yup, you read that right. For an entire month, no complaining. Sound tough? It was/is/will be. Here's the details:

1. Wear a rubber band/bracelet of some sort around one wrist.

2. When you catch yourself complaining (or someone else catches you) you must move the rubber band/bracelet to the other wrist as a physical reminder.

3. You must also counter your complaint with something positive to say or think, or a solution to your problem.

4. Yes, I said think. This challenge applies to your thoughts as well. 

Out of all of the monthly changes I've made, this one had the most profound effect. Sometimes we just need a little boost and reminder to restart something good. Let's do it.

Who's in?