The Value of Community over Competition


Here’s the deal: there’s a really, really, really large pie out there. Large enough for each who wants it to have a slice that is more than sufficient. A slice that complements, peacefully coexists with, and even helps hold up the slices around it.

The pie is big enough. I promise.

It’s big enough that we don’t need to bash, trash talk, or drag other GOOD, QUALITY, EDUCATED, HARD WORKING, AUTHENTIC trainers, yoga teachers, physical therapists, spin instructors, coaches, and movement professionals. Let me clarify - GOOD, QUALITY, EDUCATED, HARD WORKING, AUTHENTIC. We don’t need to take from them, belittle them, distance ourselves from them in order to fulfill a “more for me” attitude.

We have at least 2 responsibilities in this health, fitness, rehab, movement world to uphold:

  1. That we ensure that we fall into the GOOD, QUALITY, EDUCATED, HARD WORKING, AUTHENTIC category (and simultaneously that we help the public understand the difference between who does and who doesn’t).

  2. That we support each other.

Because when we support each other, we are all elevated. When we support each other we have a louder voice to help mold the opinion of the consumer and public. And when we can do that, our pie gets BIGGER! So much bigger than if we put each other down, confuse the consumer, and divide the public.

Part of the mission of the Spiritual Badass Academy is to do that through training, courses, workshops, mentorship, and coaching - for movement professionals by movement professionals.

But a HUGELY important factor in that happening is connecting face-to-face with each other - no matter whether you’re a yoga teacher, physical therapist, chiro, personal trainer, pilates instructor, etc.

So I’m starting Spiritual Badasses LIVE. 3 ways to connect:

  1. In the greater Portland, OR area? Every Wednesday from 9-11am meet up for Coffee, Connection, and Community. We’ll be at a different coffee shop each week, no set schedule or plan, just an opportunity to meet others in the field, to co-work, to bounce ideas around, or to simply soak up the good vibes of other world changes.

    The first week is Wednesday, September 4th meeting at Guilder on NE Fremont.

    Future locations will be announced weekly on Instagram at both @spiritualbadassacademy and @lauren.neroni.

  2. Local or FAR, FAR away? Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday night will be Booch and Business from 6:30-7:10pm PST hosted on Zoom. Grab yourself a Booch (alcoholic or normal is your choice!) and get ready to brainstorm, chat, and learn about different business topics that affect all of us. Things like social media use, having a blog, building an email list, logos, etc. The topic of the specific call and Zoom link for that week will be announced via the above Instagram channels.

  3. In the works… Mastermind Meetings. These full day events will be held at Bateaux Cellars and limited to 6 people per event. We’ll begin the morning with a movement practice and then split the day into 6 one hour sessions (with a lunch break in the middle). Each attendee will have a one hour session to present a project, business idea, problem, or challenge they are having and the rest of the attendees will brainstorm, mastermind, and support. The day will finish with wine tasting.

Coffee, Connection, and Community and Booch and Business are COMPLETELY FREE (except the coffee you buy yourself). No membership fees, no dues, no nothing.

Mastermind Meetings will have a fee associated with them to cover space rental, paying the movement teacher, lunch, and wine tasting.

Please, pass this blog post, social media shares, etc. onto other movement, fitness, health, and wellness professionals you know (in Portland and beyond). There is truly power in connection.