4th of july

What I'm Into Wednesday - The Long Weekend Edition

This Fourth of July weekend seemed to go on forever, didn't it? Having a holiday on a Tuesday is much welcomed (I'd assume) by the normal 9-5ers but quite honestly didn't feel much different for me. I still taught my normal classes, I just had WAY more people in them. Which was awesome. Shout out to the 43 peeps who showed up to Spirit Yoga on Tuesday morning. And extra love to the ones that were cool with practicing in the lobby since the studio was full. You all made my holiday start off perfectly.

This edition is dedicated to this long weekend. While it didn't feel much different for me, it was a blast to have friends around for multiple days in a row and led to some pretty fun little adventures.


Have you seen the Princess Bride? I thought I was the last person on the planet to have seen it, but then I found out that my two friends John and Lou hadn't seen it and it just so happened that it was playing at Cinema Under the Stars this weekend - so we had to go. Cinema Under the Stars has been on my SD bucket list. It's located in Mission Hills and is a giant outdoor movie screen with about four or five rows of reclining zero-gravity type seats. They show a great variety of older movies and the ambiance is exactly what you expect it to be: hilarious older gentleman who gives you your paper tickets, shows you to your seat, and introduces the film, a funny animated short prior to the main show, and all the expected movie snacks there to purchase. Just remember it's cash only and to reserve your seat online ahead of time. They do sell out!


One of my favorite things to do is to go see live music and I much prefer small shows to large amphitheaters. San Diego has a great music scene, but one I forget about sometimes. Which was why it had been so long since I've seen a show. I was stoked to go out (way past my bedtime) on Saturday night to see the reggae band the Aggrolites with Angelo, Lou, and Amanda at the Music Box. I had never seen a show at the Music Box, but this India Street venue was awesome. Previously Anthology, the Music Box boasts a great updated feel and the perfect size crowds for someone like me. Check out a show there, you won't be disappointed. 


Pre concert we needed some grub and the consensus among us concert goers was unanimously: TACOS. We headed to City Tacos in North Park. The smell of fresh tortillas, fried deliciousness, and yummy seasonings always gets me. My favorites? The mahi mahi (which they were out of, sad face) and the portobello. But really, you can't go wrong. Don't forget to visit the salsa bar and stock up on some sauces and (my favorite) jicama slices!


I'm not much of a drinker these days, but I was feeling the need for something to wash down the tacos. Since I don't drink beer, my choices are usually limited to cider when we go to casual restaurants. And while I love cider, I don't love the sugar content and extreme sweetness that usually comes along with it. I decided to chance it on the 101 Cider House, Black Dog variety - purely because of the fact that it was a cider. And I was so pleasantly surprised! This is a probiotic, fermented cider with no added sugar (less than a gram per serving), 5% ABV and was not sweet at all. As a bonus, this seasonal flavor has activated charcoal and lavender. It was a funky grey color and so delicious. They sell the entire line of this LA based cider house right across the street at Bottlecraft - you know I stocked up!


Saturday morning I made a commitment to myself to go for an enjoyable, solo trail run. I've been battling with a resurgence of foot pain (plantar fasciitis on the right and midfoot on the left) and have NOT been enjoying running lately. Partly because of the discomfort and partly due to my own frustration of feeling like I've lost all of the running shape I worked hard to get back into pre marathon in May. So I went up the backside of Cowles Mountain solo with the pure intention of having fun. The sound of my footfalls and the heavy breathing - and only that (there's so many fewer people on that side of the mountain) were music to my ears! And while it was one of my slower run/hikes ever, mission was accomplished and I did have fun. More of that!