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New Year, Same Old Recap

It's that time of year. The weird week between Christmas and New Years where you're not quite sure what to do with yourself. 

I always want to start planning, plotting, and rolling new things into action - but without wishing away the last week of the old year. It's a tough balance to find and a weird line to walk.

For me, taking time to review what did and didn't work in the previous year helps me chart a course and decipher a plan for the next.

So let's see what went well in 2017:

1. My business, as a whole. I took on more classes, taught more trainings, and created more opportunity than ever before. And it showed. As the year closes, it's pretty neat to see that I literally doubled my revenue from 2016.

2. Yoga retreats! I held my first two wine and yoga retreats in 2017. They were a test. Would anybody even want to go? Would working with my parents be successful? Would I even like leading retreats? Yes, yes, and yes. So in 2018 we welcome on two more retreats (there's ONE space left for the weekend of July 26-29- otherwise they are sold out) and a single day mini retreat (that is all full). And perhaps think about adding a third? A local San Diego option? Hmmmm...

File_003 (3).jpeg

3. Teacher trainings. I co-lead my first 200 hour yoga teacher training at Spirit Yoga in 2017 and had an amazing experience. Not only did I get to impart my specific knowledge upon some amazing now yoga teachers, but I got to soak in the immense wisdom of my co-leaders. 2018 finds me heading back to Spirit from January to April to co-lead 200 hour teacher training once again (it's not too late to sign up!). I'll also continue to teach the anatomy portions of teacher trainings at other local studios. And I'm in the early stages of discussing hopping on board with co-production of a brand new teacher training with a dear friend (and amazing yoga instructor) for sometime at the end of 2018 or early 2019.

4. Anatomy. Publishing my first book was a huge highlight of 2017. Perhaps even more exciting was teaching the intensive course to yoga instructors here in San Diego. 2018 brings another local intensive (dates TBD), taking the course on the road (hello, Los Angeles in May), and beginning work on a second book and deeper level anatomy training. A large goal of mine is to teach this course outside of California - so any leads on studios that would love to partner to bring Critical Anatomy to their communities would be appreciated.

File_004 (1).jpeg

5. Balancing personal life with work. We finally got a dog! We put in the love, time, and effort to make sure his first year of life was setting him (and us) up for success. And I think we nailed it. 2018 will bring more adventures with Arlo, bonding trips with Angelo, maximizing the quality of the time we spend together as a family, and making lots and lots of memories. 


And where to improve...

1. Health and fitness. 2017 was another year spent battling injury. While it had many more highs than the previous year or two, it was still a year with more mornings of "ouch" than I'd like. I'm committed in 2018 to being better rounded - more yoga (my personal practice has been lacking), more strength training (yes, yes, yes it feels so good to be strong), appropriate recovery (hi foam roller), optimal nutrition (for performance, but also life). Because I'm committed to achieving big goals (Boston Marathon, a long trail race of some sort) and to having a year of being healthy.

2. Blogging. From a business standpoint, my weekly blogs, monthly blogs, and occasional in betweeners aren't doing much. And from a personal standpoint it's become something that I honestly am beginning to dread writing. I do not like having to write when I'm not inspired to. It feels less than authentic. So this year I'll be posting blogs when the inspiration strikes, and only when it strikes.

3. Run coaching. As the past two and a half years have led me down a yoga-centered road, I've let my run coaching and run specific teaching take a backseat. And while I had the opportunity to coach a few amazing people in 2017 (Antonette, Jessi, Jenn - to name a few) I want to do more! So in addition to more marketing and making space for more clients, I'll be continuing to teach runner's yoga every week and adding a Run Strong class to my weekly schedule. Plus, stay tuned for hopefully big announcements coming this year about expansion of my Rock Solid Runner programming!

4. Making more time for fun! I get caught up in the feeling that I should always be working. Because if I don't work, my business doesn't grow, and I don't get paid. And while that work ethic is one I appreciate and want to keep I know it is important to sprinkle some fun in. So here's to a year with more time spent with friends, enjoying coffee dates, ice cream scoops, tv shows, movies, reading more books, and playing more games. Also, planning more free events (because those are always fun) through Bodies in Motion. And generally smiling and laughing without holding anything back.


Lastly, what's coming up immediately in January?

1. I'm keeping my theming going for yoga classes. January's theme is "foundations". It's impossible to build a sturdy house without a strong foundation and it's impossible to attempt or achieve an advanced yoga posture without the same. So we'll be focusing on one foundational aspect of our asana each week and building it up to a peak pose.

Come play: 

Mondays - 12PM at Buddhi Yoga

Tuesdays - 9AM at Spirit Yoga

Wednesdays - 7PM at Spirit Yoga

Fridays - 630AM at Buddhi Yoga and 9AM at Spirit Yoga

Keep up to date with my schedule here. 

2. I'm also keeping up with the small changes to my daily routine that I've coined "Maximize my Month". They may not stick as monthly challenges, but they'll be around. The current challenge? To buy less processed and packaged foods. Yup, grocery shopping is changing. No more browsing the middle aisles for crackers, snacks, cereal, and canned foods. Let's stick to the outsides of the store - produce, fresh protein sources, bulk items - as well as visiting farmers markets. Not only will it be better for us, but it will be much more friendly to the planet. Of course, some packaging will be hard to avoid (eggs are a good example) but the less the better!


What I'm Into Wednesday - The Celebration/Recovery Edition

A few weeks ago I posted about some of my favorite things that surround marathon training. The purpose of training for a marathon is to eventually run said marathon, and that happened on Sunday.

I can't stop expressing gratitude towards everyone who has been there along the journey to that finish line. From my running partners, to my life partner, to all of you who read the ramblings - I couldn't have done it without you.

And yes, I surpassed my goal for Sunday's race. I'll be going to Boston to run the marathon in April. And I'm so, so happy.

Now is the time for celebration and recovery. Enjoy my favorites!




Look, I know I'm wayyyy late to the game on this one but in the days leading up to the race and in the days post race, while I was laying around with my legs up a wall hydrating, I needed something to keep me occupied. Enter Broad City. Holy shit. It's hilarious. I find myself laughing out loud during each episode and I love the fact that the episodes are so short. It's a well written comedy with the perfect actors (I love Hannibal Burress) and it's well worth the binge time. Thank you Hulu.


When my eyes can't take any more screen time, I've been turning to podcasts. We all know I'm a huge fan of self improvement/development podcasts but occasionally I just want a good story to get lost in. I was a big fan of both seasons of Serial (even though they were drastically different) and I've been meaning to start listening to S-Town. I was wisely warned to not expect it to be like Serial, so I didn't. And I am digging it. The story is fascinating, the reporting is exactly what you expect of Serial or This American Life, and it's just an in depth look at some super interesting people. Sold.


I got surprised post-race with Wanderlust Gypsy Magic - a yummy smelling bath salt bomb with a secret ingredient: CBD. In case you don't know, CBD is part of the marijuana plant, but not the part that gets you high (that's THC). CBD has been studied and found to be great for things like relaxation, pain relief, and inflammation relief. Sounds perfect for post marathon. I added it to a bath along with some other essential oil mineral salts and soaked away. I do have to say that it was so calming and felt so good on sore muscles. And I woke up the next day with a much lower level of soreness than expected. So either they worked some magic or I'm a healing fiend. 


My all time fav natural wellness brand, Saje, has a fantastic balm for inflammation and pain called Trauma Less. It's got many useful oils in it, but the secret weapon is arnica. I had my massage therapist use it pre-race on some sensitive tendons and ligaments in my foot and I used it post race on the same thing. It seems to be working well combating 26.2 miles of pavement pounding. And of course it smells good. It's Saje after all. I can't find the product online, but I do believe that they have it in store at the new Fashion Valley location!


Every runner has food and drink that they dream about during the last few miles of a big race or long run. For me it's a blood orange San Pelligrino to drink and the food always varies. Luckily, my boyfriend knows my cravings well and we made sure to hit a breakfast spot with a San Pellegrino AND he purchased a box of Peanut Butter Puffins (which are by far my favorite cereal) and almond milk to have in the hotel room post race. YUM. I would eat bowls of cereal for all three meals every day if I could. 

What I'm Into Wednesday - Marathon Training Edition

The Boston Marathon is coming up on Monday...and I won't be there this year. While I'm incredibly bummed to be missing one of my all time favorite races, I am stoked to be healthy this year and moving forward towards re-qualifying (while feeling good)!

I'm running the OC Marathon on May 7th and I am in the middle of my last big, big week of training. That sparked the idea for this week's What I'm Into post: Marathon essentials.


If you're looking for motivation to start running long distance, keep running long distance, or decide to take on a new running challenge, I have an author for you! Christopher McDougall has a few excellent running books. Most of us have (at least) heard of Born to Run - the book that birthed the barefoot running movement. But did you know he wrote another book? Natural Born Heroes is my favorite of the two - running meets nutrition meets history.


I don't listen to music while I run. I used to but I broke my trusty iPod while training for a race about 4 years ago and just never replaced it. When I do have solo long runs that I need a boost for I listen to podcasts! This podcast plug goes to perennial favorite Tim Ferriss. He interviewed Ricardo Semler, who is a Brazilian businessman known for his radical re-organization of industrial democracy. Sounds boring, right? Totally not. This guy is full of life lessons. 


My go to hydration brand, nuun hydration, just dropped a brand new product that I'm pretty excited about. Nuun Performance adds back in the carbohydrates necessary for sustained or intense exercise (yup, marathon training falls in there) while still being one of the cleanest options out there. I am a little bummed that they are discontinuing Plus, which was a carbohydrate tablet that you could add to your nuun, but I'm happy with the replacement. Shhhh.... I still have a stockpile of Plus. If you do too, try chewing them instead of dissolving them. It's a game changer. 


I'm experimenting with diet as I approach the last month before the marathon. One of my explorations is into the world of gluten and dairy free nutrition. While it's not hard to eat that way on a daily basis, finding pre-run (or during run fuel) that keeps with that is more challenging. Last week I made grain and dairy free banana muffins that were perfect for popping a few before a long run. And they smelled bomb. Like the best banana bread does.


You need to go to Milestone Running in North Park. Go to say hi to the guys (and Julie). Or to pet China. Or to try on cool clothes. Or buy sweet Stance socks. Or stock up on your fav hydration and nutrition. OR buy new shoes (duh). May I recommend... the Saucony Freedom! What?? Not New Balance. I know. I'm shocked too. But they are amazing and will be my race day shoe.


So if you remember, send me some good vibes on Sunday, May 7th. I'll need them!



I am Happy, I am Healthy, I am Whole

I am Happy, I am Healthy, I am Whole

At first glance, the title of this blog looks more like menu offering's off of Cafe Gratitude's list of vegan deliciousness. And while at Cafe Gratitude that order may get you a juice, a Mediterranean wrap, and a macrobiotic bowl - this isn't my lunch order, it's my current mantra.