Off The Mat - Balance Through Transition

By their very nature, transitions are all about change. They are about movement from one place or task or activity to another. They are about the in between. Quite often, they are the opposite of stable.

But we can control how we move through transition. We can move haphazardly, throwing caution to the wind and mindlessly attempting to get from point A to point B. When we do this, we find ourselves easily distracted, taken off course, or taken away from our initial intention. Or we can move with care. We can plan to the best of our extent, we can be cognizant of the sensations we experience, and we can adjust our course of action based on those sensations. We can maintain a sense of mindfulness and control, even in these unstable feeling moments. We can find a sense of balance.

This week, on our mat we take this idea quite literally and play with moving in and out of balance postures. We focus on using our breath, our gaze, and our muscular activation to control, slow down, and gracefully move between postures.

When we take that idea off of our mat can we keep the same concepts at the forefront of our mind? Can we utilize the skills and tools that we inherently have (and that we continue to hone) to find that same sense of stability and balance in all of the “in betweens” and to note how this keeps us focused, on track, and calm?