What I'm Into Wednesday - It's the Little Things Edition

As I stopped to get coffee after a fun November Project San Diego workout on Monday morning, I noticed small details of the coffee shop that I had never noticed before. 

This might have been because I had never been to this new coffee shop (ha) but it also made me realize how easy it is to be somewhere else in your brain while you go about your daily activities and to totally miss out on all the little things around you.

So this week's installment is dedicated to those little things.



PS Send some love my way on Sunday morning - I'll be tackling the Orange County Marathon, and any extra love is much appreciated!


What sparked this idea was some pavement decor in the new Better Buzz coffee location in PB. They recently expanded to a bigger and brighter (and super Instagram worthy hip) spot on Garnet. As I was standing in line I glanced down at the floor and saw this gem. I immediately smiled (and Instagrammed it, duh). And thought, "I wonder how many cool things like this I completely walk by every day." And here we are. 


A good friend (hi Sam!) has been a fan of this band forever. And has told me I should listen to them, well, forever. Finally I have! And they are amazing. This song feels like it takes you on a story and (I've found) is a perfect song for savasana during yoga classes. The musical details are fantastic. Enjoy Your Hand In Mine from Explosions in the Sky.


One of my favorite grocery stores and hidden gems in my neighborhood is Pancho Villa. A traditional Mexican mercado with super affordable produce and... dun dun dun.... FRESH TORTILLAS! They are the bomb, made with just the basic ingredients, made super hot and fresh, and crazy cheap. Also, they smell amazing. It's impressive how good flour, fat, and water can smell.


I got to run with two of my favorite running partners this past weekend (Kate! Sheri! HI!) and as usual, our conversation was nonstop and all over the place. One of the topics was our recent (borderline) obsession with different types of salt. And I can't believe I haven't talked about it here yet! A few months ago I picked up a salt sampler at Cost Plus World Market and it's been awesome. So many slight variations on flavors and textures...who knew salt made such a difference! My current faves? Cyprus flake and black lava.


Sometimes in life we get asked to do things. To teach, lead, participate, promote, or support things. And often times these things are unpaid. It's easy to want to say no, especially when you're actively focused on building a business and making rent. BUT DON'T. When it feels right, say yes. Even if it's unpaid. You never know what opportunities will arise, who you'll meet, or what you'll learn about yourself. Sometimes you'll even find yourself on a roofdeck overlooking an ocean teaching yoga a few months later. Say yes to the good stuff, regardless of pay.

What I'm Into Wednesday - Camp Edition

This past weekend I had the very distinct pleasure and honor to have been an expert at the March edition of Campowerment in Malibu. The low down: Campowerment is summer camp for adult women. A place to inspire women to re-ignite their lives, no matter the stage in life they're at, their professions, marital status, whether they have kids, etc. It's one of the more inspirational and moving experiences I've ever been a part of and is a place that every woman should get to experience.

Naturally, this week's list is fairly camp centered!



The weather was unbelievable this weekend. Camp takes place at the top of a magical mountain in Malibu and while Friday and Saturday's weather were 85 and blue skies, Sunday and Monday brought this awe inspiring low fog. It literally felt like we were in Ireland. Otherworldly and breathtaking. If you ever want help feeling like you're making life changes, shifts, and revelations, standing on a mountaintop in Malibu in the fog is where you want to be.


In the few days leading up to camp I was feeling stressed, slightly lost in why I was doing my work, and like I was butting my head against a wall trying to figure things out. I took a break from sitting at my computer to take Arlo for a walk and listen to one of the newer Tim Ferriss episodes with Dr. Phil Zimbardo. Dr. Zimbardo is a psychologist in his 80s who was involved in some fascinating experiments and now focuses his research and work on being less evil and being more heroic. One of the better episodes I've heard recently. 


Post camp blues are real. And the best cure for blues of any sort is... ICE CREAM! Luckily our car ride home took us through Venice so my mom and I could stop at Salt and Straw. This month they've brought back 5 of their favorites for their monthly rotation. I had Cinnaholic - a cinnamon ice cream with snickerdoodle cookies and the coconut milk based ice cream with marionberries and shortbread. YUM. 


I'm a firm believer in passing along information and things and opportunities that I'm passionate about. And camp is one of those things. I had the opportunity to go as a lululemon ambassador on a mini-camp retreat about a year and a half ago. Since then I've been hounding women I know to go (including my mom, who finally went this weekend!). The coolest thing Campowerment has been up to is getting a 501c3 non-profit up and running called Give Her Camp to provide scholarships to send women to camp who otherwise couldn't afford to go. I've been actively looking for a charitable cause that speaks to me to start doing some work and fundraising for... and this is it. Keep your eyes and ears open, cause Bodies in Motion 4.0 will be coming and it will be fundraising for this cause.


The only un camp related thing, but kind of related to camping as it has to do with bugs. The ant problem in our house is OUT OF CONTROL. Partially due to having a dog (hello, dog food), partially due to the heat, and mostly due to the fact that our house was relatively, um, quickly?, built. I've been struggling with how to get rid of them since most pest sprays are nasty and definitely not dog friendly. Enter Pest Soldier! This vinegar based spray has been working wonders and smells good (thank you peppermint oil) and I'm stoked.

It's going to take me a while to quit buzzing from this weekend. From teaching these amazing women, to bunking with some awesome experts, to meal times with a Food Network Star, to being on the Today show (WHAT? Yup, stay tuned.) - this weekend changed my world, as camp always does. It is getting me excited for my own retreat! Just a reminder, 3 spaces have opened up for May 18-21. Do you want in? You even get to blend your own custom wine! Let me know!

And happy Wednesday Campers!