Maximize My Month - November, 2017


A timely combination of October's monthly challenge centering around complaining less and my body deciding that running wasn't going to feel good happening in the same month made for an interesting, and sometimes difficult, October. 

A month of interesting conversations with myself, and a select few around me, about what my body is trying to tell me, how best to listen, and how to balance that want/need to run and move with the apparent need to rest. Some of the outcomes of these conversations was a conscious decision to sleep in a little more, skip some morning workouts, and (pretty drastically) cut down my running all together.

I told Angelo yesterday that I have been feeling guilt around sleeping in and skipping morning workouts. Not because I feel like I should be doing them, am lazy for not, or am upset about missing previously planned events...but because it felt so good. I've been feeling guilty that my body feels so much better when I do those things. How goofy is that? I've been dealing with fatigue and pain for so long, and it's ingrained in us that things should feel uncomfortable and difficult, that I feel guilty when they don't. 

An unintended side effect of this conscious decision to slow down was something I'm unhappy with - hitting snooze. I've become a snooze monster. 

The amazing thing about taking some mornings off, or sleeping in (which is like 6AM for me), or substituting running workouts with something else is that, ideally, I should feel like I have a little more time in my mornings. Time to make a cup of coffee and sit down to drink it. Time to read the news. Time to catch up on those bottom items on the to do list that get ignored often. Time to walk the dog. Time to meditate.

But if I just hit snooze, I lose that time. And I don't gain any meaningful sleep, we all know this.

So November's challenge: kill the snooze monster. Set an alarm the night before and JUST GET UP when it goes off. 

Ya with me?



Maximize My Month - October 2017


October marks the 1 Year Anniversary of these "Maximize My Month" mini challenges. They started as a way to keep myself accountable to actually making the small changes that I always said I should do, and along the way they've morphed into mini accountability groups to help each other make the small changes that have big effects.

In honor of the anniversary, I'm going back to the challenge from October 2016. Is that allowed? Sure. I made it up, so I say it is. The OG challenge was No Complaint October.

Yup, you read that right. For an entire month, no complaining. Sound tough? It was/is/will be. Here's the details:

1. Wear a rubber band/bracelet of some sort around one wrist.

2. When you catch yourself complaining (or someone else catches you) you must move the rubber band/bracelet to the other wrist as a physical reminder.

3. You must also counter your complaint with something positive to say or think, or a solution to your problem.

4. Yes, I said think. This challenge applies to your thoughts as well. 

Out of all of the monthly changes I've made, this one had the most profound effect. Sometimes we just need a little boost and reminder to restart something good. Let's do it.

Who's in?



Maximize My Month - June

The 6th month of the year is upon us... and as is custom in San Diego, it's rolling in with gray skies (hello June gloom!). This past month has been an absolute whirlwind of activities, teaching, retreats, and events and I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to see not a whole lot extra on the calendar for June.

It was a challenging month to stick to my May directives: I'm not stressed, I'm not busy, and I don't have to do anything. But that was the point! To be challenged. And upon review of the month, I give myself a passing grade... but barely. I was great on not using the phrases "busy" or "stressed" and while my month was packed, I truly didn't feel like either of those words rang true. But I did catch myself saying I have to do all sorts of things. So work to be done still. And most unsurprisingly, this challenge once again helped me to notice the language of those around me. And illustrated more than one person/friendship/relationship that I've found I either need to distance myself from, have an honest conversation with, or let go. Spring cleaning, if you will.

June's challenge is going to go quite literally the opposite direction of May. It's a physical challenge. And one that isn't so serious. 

I've missed my regular handstand practice. In 2015 I set out to learn to handstand and practiced every single day. And like any good skill, if you don't use it you lose it. And I've lost it. 

So for June I pledge to get upside down and handstand every damn day.

Now if you're like, "um handstands aren't my jam", that's awesome! Is there one specific physical activity, skill, stretch, or exercise that you should do every day? Think hard. Great! Make that your June commitment!

Let's see what changes can happen in a month!