What I'm Into Wednesday - The Canadian Edition

This past weekend was the 2017 SeaWheeze Half Marathon. In case you don't know, SeaWheeze is lululemon's signature race. It takes place in their hometown of Vancouver, BC and pretty much takes over. 

To give you an idea of the fanaticism surrounding this race, here are some details:

- It sells out in about 12 minutes each year. 10k runners. 12 minutes.

- The exclusive runner's store (where you can buy - for full price - exclusive prints and colors of their clothing) opens on Friday at 7AM but people line up starting around 7AM on Wednesday. 

- This year's fan favorite, the rainbow reflective clothing collection, sold out within 23 minutes. You can buy yourself some run tights on eBay for about $1000.

And what's crazy to me is that this is all about the clothes for many of the people, which totally overshadows the amazing race itself and the post race festival.

This was my 3rd year pacing (as a Pace Beaver, they call them in Canada) and each year gets better from logistical, entertainment, and support standpoints. 

Plus Vancouver is one of my favorite cities of all time. So in honor of that, this week is all about the trip!


In the yoga world there is no shortage of people to look up to. Longtime teachers, Instagram celebrities, and talented local teachers abound. One of my teachers and mentors in the yoga game is Goldie Graham. I've learned so much from her and share many of the same values and opinions in terms of the yoga world as her. We're lucky enough to have her as a local teacher here in San Diego (sorry, Bostonians) and she was selected to teach at the Sunset Festival post race. Over 8000 runners showed up to practice yoga in beautiful Stanley Park before the evening concert from Cold War Kids and Young the Giant. Goldie was calm, collected, commanding, present, and nailed teaching this class. It was so fun to be a part of, to listen to, and to watch go down. 


This is an obvious one: RUN THE RACE! In my third year as a Pace Beaver I've had a few opportunities to reflect on just why pacing this race is so much fun. The course is fantastic, the crowd support and support from lululemon is unparalleled. But it's really about the runners and my fellow pacers. Pace Beavers are all ambassadors from around the world who are selected to come to Vancouver and pace a time anywhere from 1:35 to 3:00 in the half marathon. We're there to be your time keeper, your safety watcher, your motivator, and your entertainment. It's so much fun to help people crush goals, to watch the human spirit tackle the half marathon, and to do it all with other badass ambassadors by my side. I'll be back as many years as lululemon will have me!


My knowledge of food of different cultures is very, very limited. I'm a picky eater and I get nervous to try new foods. Vancouver has an amazing food scene and I was determined to take advantage of it. Enter Kosoo. This Korean fusion restaurant was near the hotel we stayed in our first night in Van and was amazing. It smelled so incredibly good, had lots of veggie options (meat weirds me out), and tasted just as good as it smelled. Check it out if you find yourself in Vancouver!


I'm dedicating this to all of the breakfasts on our trip. Looking for donuts? Go no further than 49th Parallel and Lucky's Donuts. Something more substantial? Our last morning in town we hiked up the Grouse Grind (get there too... worth the sweaty mess you'll be afterwards) and then headed to Red Wagon. Why? Pancakes topped with in house smoked pulled pork and pork belly and jalepeno cornbread just to name a few reasons. Moral of the story? Sweat hard to eat harder. 


Grizzly bears. Yup. If you climb the 1.3 miles and 2800 feet straight up Grouse Grind you'll get to a mountaintop with a lumberjack show, a wild bird show (hello, bald eagle!) and GRIZZLY BEARS. Two orphaned grizzlies now live at the top of Grouse. When we got up it was cold and rainy, which resulted in most of the other tourists seeking shelter but clearly didn't affect the grizzlies, who walked straight up to the fence. I'm talking like 20 feet away. It was amazing, breathtaking, and really freaking cool. Climb yourself up there!

What I'm Into Wednesday - The Be Smart Edition

You've heard the phrase that doctors make the worst patients? Well, it's true. After almost 2 years of changing and seemingly neverending foot pain, I can tell you that we do indeed make terrible patients. It's taken me this long to truly commit to doing the right things to recover instead of just waiting to feel better.

So this edition of WIIW is dedicated to finally deciding to be smart. 


I'll spare you the photo and just link to the product instead. I have the worst bunions on both feet (thanks, genetics) and they are the culprit of my foot problems. They result in a serious lack of great toe extension, which is necessary for things like oh running. So instead I pronate, roll over the outside edge of my foot, and avoid hip extension and push off. This leaves me slower and more susceptible to injury. While I can help prevent them from worsening, only surgery will fix them and I'm not there yet. So I finally invested in toe separators. Yup, think pedicure foam but on steroids. They. Feel. Awesome. They create space between my toes, temporarily help align my big toe, and stretch all of the little intrinsic muscles in my foot. If you have foot problems or wear narrow shoes/heels, I recommend these big time!


Ahhhh the sweet sounds of....jackhammers? Vibrations? What? Yes, we're back to vibrating massage implements. A few weeks ago I wrote about the HyperIce HyperSphere and about how I was too cheap to buy it, so I tried a knock off I found on Amazon. Well, sadly the knock off didn't do the trick. But luckily (through the powers of incessant posting on Instagram) HyperIce reached out to me to help hook me up with a product. And because I love you I made them (ha) give me a discount code to pass along. I got myself a HyperSphere but I also love the Viper foam roller. Whatever you choose, order on their website and us the code LP30 for 30% off! And let the vibrating do it's magic!


A huge part of recovery is nutrition (see Monday's IG post for more on that) and one of the nutrition products I've been loving most lately is RXBAR. I have to admit, initially I wasn't a fan. But I do love a good bar in general (nothing is more convenient) and I'm a huge proponent of knowing what I'm eating. RXBARs tell you right on the package what is in there. And I've grown to truly love the taste and texture (except blueberry, I just can't get down for some reason). They're usually on sale at Sprouts for $2 and they've become a morning staple!


We all know the key to life is balance. And while it seems to be in direct contrast with this week's taste post, smell is all about the flipside of the nutrition coin. I think you have to indulge. Pick and choose what truly makes you happy and then enjoy it, guilt free. And what truly makes me happy is donuts. Stay tuned for more on this... but Angelo has started a little project called The Donut Objective. What is it? A neverending search for the most awesome donuts. A blog, a website, an IG may be in the works. But in the meantime I'll volunteer myself to be a donut tester with him. 


Lastly, a little self promotion! I write for an awesome website called Fitt. Fitt is like if your best friends compiled all of their food, bev, activity, and race suggestions all in one spot. Your one stop shop for all things fun and healthy in your city (or in cities that you may be visiting). I've written about everything from coffee shops to running routes and I've used Fitt to do research for travelling to places like Cleveland and Portland. Give it a looksie and see what you think!

What I'm Into Wednesday - The Fuck Yeah Edition

Life ebbs and flows. There's an undeniable ride that it takes you on - from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows and all of the mini stops in between. Whether I'm at the top of looking up from the bottom, I'm always searching for and utilizing ways to stay mentally engaged, in the game, and motivated.

This week is dedicated to the tried and true and new and amazing things I've found that keep me moving towards being the best version of myself.




This week is more of a feel, a sensory experience, than an action or activity. There's a clothing brand called good hYOUman. They're stuff is Made in America, is SO SOFT, and has some of the best design. My personal fav? An old tank that says "Hustle: never stop, ever". It's a great boost and reminder. 


A few months ago I read You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. I thought it was hilarious, poignant, motivating, and really, really spot on. So I was excited to see she wrote another book. You Are A Badass At Making Money released recently and I jumped right on it. We all have such unique, complicated, and frankly fucked up viewpoints of money. How much is enough? How much is too much? What does money do to people? Is it okay to want more money? Does that make us bad people? And in reality, money is a necessity. It isn't evil. Or good. We choose how we use it and how we let it influence our lives. But we need it. And wanting it isn't inherently bad. So cheers to abundance - and not feeling weird about it. 


I try to shy away from being too vocal about my dietary choices because I believe each person should make their own choices based on their own bodies and nobody likes to be made to feel shitty about the decision they make. For the purpose of sharing this info, it is important to note that I've been dairy and gluten free for about a month (and it's going well for me). But I desperately miss donuts. Luckily, my friend Amanda discovered the amazing Coronado's Gluten Free Pantry which sets up shop weekly at the North Park Farmer's Market (on Thursdays). Last week we meandered up and tried out the strawberry vanilla donuts. YES YES YES. Donuts inspire me to happiness. 


Y'all know all about my obsession with Saje essential oils, but this smell comes from another brand: Pharmaca. I don't personally buy them but the lovely ladies at Buddhi Yoga have the studio stocked. This week I tried Pure Joy. It was the right amount of floral meets earthy to be just perfect for a Monday boost for the week!


Watching You Breathe by Jacoo. Rhythmic, sexy, soft, and great lyrics. All the wins.