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What I'm Into Wednesday - Bonuses

I consider myself to be lucky. I grew up in a well off family, in a good neighborhood. I had a good education and upstanding friends. This has all led to me being able to sit at 32 years old, at the kitchen table in my perfect cottage in one of the most expensive cities in the country, with my puppy underfoot, "working" - aka writing a blog. I find it important to remind myself that I am fortunate. That this isn't the normal reality for everyone. That it's a privilege, not a right, to be able to cavalierly share these random things I'm into with you all - for both me and you.

So in addition to the normal blog, this is also a reminder. A reminder that there are many whom are less fortunate than us. Maybe all the time, or maybe because of circumstances out of their control. We can, and should, help. How? There are so many ways. But this week I have just one suggestion: join us tomorrow. Thursday morning, 6AM, Law Street beach in North PB. Yes, it's a "free" run, but the suggestion is a $20 donation to the American Red Cross and/or that you volunteer or donate in some other way that speaks to you. We don't have to do grandiose things to give to others. We just have to do something. The fact that we can is a bonus for us, but it can literally change someone else's life. 

On to the silly stuff...


Quarterly South Park, the neighborhood in which my little cottage sits, holds a fun event called Walkabout. Walkabout is designed to showcase the neighborhood, it's shops, restaurants, and bars. Places stay open later, offer drinks and discounts, hold art shows, and serve as venues for local bands. People come in droves, complete with kids and dogs, to wander up and down the tree lined streets. To me, it feels nostalgic of a previous time in America. Where neighbors knew each other, people smiled on the sidewalks, and you supported your local businesses instead of big chains. It's a lovely event and those 4 days are some of my favorites of the whole year. Personal fav spots? Graffiti Beach, Kindred, and Cafe Madeleine


Many of you know that I'm currently 5.5 weeks out from the North Face Endurance Challenge Series California 50k in San Francisco. This is an amazing trail race and I'm so stoked to be running it again. For the past few months (since my road marathon in May, really) I've been all about that dirt. Generally speaking, my body does better on trails. Sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans. For the next 3 weekends I have Saturday and Sunday commitments that will keep me from being able to do any more long, long runs. The next week is a taper week. After that I'm running Ragnar Los Coyotes (as an ultra team... 30+ miles each). And the next weekend is the race. Soooo...what's a girl to do? Well, this weekend became about getting in one last long, uncomfortable, and difficult run. I took it to the road. Which sounds weird in prepping for a trail race, but hear me out. I'm comfortable with my climbing abilities. What has been my biggest struggle this training cycle is long, flat runs. They just beat me up. So that's what I went for. It. Was. Brutal. Which I needed. Luckily, many of my miles found me ocean-side through Bird Rock and La Jolla. I've learned to mentally accept tough runs like Saturday. And in turn, that let me enjoy the views (and their toughness). Onward.


I happened to catch a video clip on my Facebook feed of two girls talking about sage-ing and palo santo-ing their apartment. If you don't know, both of these practices are thought to cleanse the energy of the room or space that you clear with them. With both, you light them on fire (either a bunch of sage or a palo santo wood stick) and then use the smoke the fire creates to cleanse a room. We use palo santo frequently to clear out yoga studios between classes and I love the smell. I remembered that I had been given palo santo as a gift and hadn't used it. So I set to cleansing my whole apartment. I loved it. It smells great and the act of setting positive intention into a space was very meditative. Who didn't love it so much? The dog. He just kept looking at me like I was a weirdo. I might be, but I'm okay with that. 


Podcasts galore this week! I knew my long run was gonna be rough from the beginning, so I had prepped a few podcasts. Yes, I listen to podcasts instead of music when I run long and solo. Why? I feel like I'm having a conversation (or getting to listen to people having a conversation) without having to actually talk. And I get to learn something. This week I listened to a This American Life episode titled DIY.  It's from 2005, but it chronicles the story of a young man who was imprisoned in 1980 for murder. He spent 21 years in prison for this crime. But, here's the kicker, he was innocent. How did this happen? And who finally helped him get out? It was a fascinating story, with intriguing people, and painted a layered portrait of American in the 80s. Definitely worth a listen.


 I. Love. Grocery Outlet. Did you know a new one opened on 54th? Near west College/east City Heights. It's a good one! I frequent the "NOSH" aisles, which are where the Whole Foods overstocks (and other organic, GF, vegan, etc. items) can be found. Lately I've been stocking up on boxes of Mary's Gone Crackers. These babies retail for between $4-6 in the store but GO has been stocking them for $1.99. When a deal is that good, you have to stock up (since you never know how long things will last). Yesterday I also grabbed a box of Mary's Gone Crackers Ginger Snaps. Holy yum. Without being too unhealthy for you either! It's always an adventure at GO...and something good always ends up coming home!