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Maximize My Month - May 2017

May marks my 6 month anniversary of creating the Maximize My Month challenges. What started as a simple experiment to see if I could make big change with small (and consistent) changes has grown into a way to push my comfort zone... and yes, it has resulted in some big changes.

But not every month works according to plan. April's challenge was to do 5 minutes of oil pulling with coconut oil each day. Oil pulling has purported benefits like improved oral health and improved natural detoxifying abilities.

While I liked the way my teeth felt immediately after oil pulling, if we're being honest I didn't feel any other benefits. So while I definitely don't think I had any negative effects of this month's challenge, it won't be carrying forward into May.

May's challenge is focused on "mastering the mindset" (an awesome phrase from the badass herself, Jen Sincero). Your thoughts have power. They influence your words and your emotions. Your words and emotions impact the beliefs you have about the world and how you act in the world. Your beliefs and actions result in your life. Mastering your thoughts and words is imperative to living the life you want.

Similar to the first challenge of them all, the no complaint challenge, May's theme focuses on eliminating negative thoughts and words. But these ones are a little sneaky. On the surface they seem innocuous, but with constant repetition you realize how powerfully negative they are.

For the month of May I'm eliminating thinking and saying:

- I'm busy.

- I'm stressed.

- I have to.

Simple words and phrases that have powerful connotation. Instead I'm going to focus on feeling and using:

- My calendar is full, I'm booked, there's a lot going on today, etc.

- I'm overwhelmed, I'm overextended, I'm frightened, I'm scared (and other phrases that accurately describe emotion).

- I'm able to, I'm lucky enough to, I get to, I'm going to.

Who else is ready to master their mindset and wants to get started with me?