What I'm Into Wednesday - The Be Smart Edition

You've heard the phrase that doctors make the worst patients? Well, it's true. After almost 2 years of changing and seemingly neverending foot pain, I can tell you that we do indeed make terrible patients. It's taken me this long to truly commit to doing the right things to recover instead of just waiting to feel better.

So this edition of WIIW is dedicated to finally deciding to be smart. 


I'll spare you the photo and just link to the product instead. I have the worst bunions on both feet (thanks, genetics) and they are the culprit of my foot problems. They result in a serious lack of great toe extension, which is necessary for things like oh running. So instead I pronate, roll over the outside edge of my foot, and avoid hip extension and push off. This leaves me slower and more susceptible to injury. While I can help prevent them from worsening, only surgery will fix them and I'm not there yet. So I finally invested in toe separators. Yup, think pedicure foam but on steroids. They. Feel. Awesome. They create space between my toes, temporarily help align my big toe, and stretch all of the little intrinsic muscles in my foot. If you have foot problems or wear narrow shoes/heels, I recommend these big time!


Ahhhh the sweet sounds of....jackhammers? Vibrations? What? Yes, we're back to vibrating massage implements. A few weeks ago I wrote about the HyperIce HyperSphere and about how I was too cheap to buy it, so I tried a knock off I found on Amazon. Well, sadly the knock off didn't do the trick. But luckily (through the powers of incessant posting on Instagram) HyperIce reached out to me to help hook me up with a product. And because I love you I made them (ha) give me a discount code to pass along. I got myself a HyperSphere but I also love the Viper foam roller. Whatever you choose, order on their website and us the code LP30 for 30% off! And let the vibrating do it's magic!


A huge part of recovery is nutrition (see Monday's IG post for more on that) and one of the nutrition products I've been loving most lately is RXBAR. I have to admit, initially I wasn't a fan. But I do love a good bar in general (nothing is more convenient) and I'm a huge proponent of knowing what I'm eating. RXBARs tell you right on the package what is in there. And I've grown to truly love the taste and texture (except blueberry, I just can't get down for some reason). They're usually on sale at Sprouts for $2 and they've become a morning staple!


We all know the key to life is balance. And while it seems to be in direct contrast with this week's taste post, smell is all about the flipside of the nutrition coin. I think you have to indulge. Pick and choose what truly makes you happy and then enjoy it, guilt free. And what truly makes me happy is donuts. Stay tuned for more on this... but Angelo has started a little project called The Donut Objective. What is it? A neverending search for the most awesome donuts. A blog, a website, an IG may be in the works. But in the meantime I'll volunteer myself to be a donut tester with him. 


Lastly, a little self promotion! I write for an awesome website called Fitt. Fitt is like if your best friends compiled all of their food, bev, activity, and race suggestions all in one spot. Your one stop shop for all things fun and healthy in your city (or in cities that you may be visiting). I've written about everything from coffee shops to running routes and I've used Fitt to do research for travelling to places like Cleveland and Portland. Give it a looksie and see what you think!

What I'm Into Wednesday - Holy Hell It's June Edition

All of the sudden it's June. And all of the sudden we have an 8 month old, 50 lb puppy. And so once again, we're back to some Arlo related things on this week's blog. But not all puppy filled, so if that's not your jam, read anyway. Because I think I do have your jam as well.


Let's get the puppy stuff out of the way first. We started using a Gentle Leader with Arlo for training him to heel and to walk on leash without jumping on everyone, eating everything, and laying down for every dog. It's night and day difference. He's an instantly better trained dog. We don't plan on using it forever, but for now it's helping teach him great habits.


I visited my friends at Milestone Running the other day and Julie had a Hyperice vibrating bocce-sized ball. I borrowed it for about 10 minutes on my foot (where I'm having some residual heel and plantar and calf pain from the marathon) and it's literally the best I've felt in months. So I went to order one, but I'm a little cheap. I opted for an Acumo ball. It's got the massage feature as well as an ability to heat up! That noise of the vibration against the floor is music to my ears.


Last weekend we went to the North Park Farmer's Market and stocked up on fresh strawberries (cause, duh). Surprisingly, I couldn't eat them fast enough so Angelo had a great idea to mash them up and make them into a jam (told you I had your jam). SO yummy! We literally just did strawberries and a small amount of coconut sugar. I've been eating PB&Js like it's my job.


I'm lucky enough to have friends in my day to day life that have been there for almost 14 years. Through college, and relationships, and jobs, and various stages of adulting - we've seen each other grow and change. Sometimes life gets in the way of old routine and habits and you stop seeing the same people the same way you used to. I've had two chances to spend quality time with some of my oldest and most awesome friends this week, and it's been fantastic to see them - and a good reminder to make time for them. 


I don't know if this counts, but I'm doing it. I love that Dirty Water. The smell of a city. Not a "San Diego" city but a real urban downtown. That's why I'm stoked to be heading out to NPSUMMIT 5.0 in Boston tomorrow. We're lucky enough to have a great person watching Arlo for us so that we can fully enjoy being away. So thanks Mona! Boston here we come!