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What I'm Into Wednesday - The UGH Edition

Sometimes you just feel....UGH. What do you do? No, seriously, what do you do when you feel that way?

I need alone time. I had a convo with the bf earlier this week about this (he totally gets it) but what came up that was kind of funny was that alone time for me means really, truly, alone. And having a dog makes that tricky. 

What's one to do? Well, I got a sub for my Tuesday yoga class next week and am taking a solo day.

Suggestions on where to go and what to do are being accepted as we speak!

This blog has nothing to do with that. Enjoy.


The next few weeks will be full of podcasts for the "hear" section of this blog. While I was doing my little corporate gig last week, I spent a lot of time in the car and caught up on the past few months of podcasts (I've been slacking). This week is all about a This American Life podcast titled "Act V". It's a whole show dedicated to a prison performance of Act V of Hamlet. It tackles the similarities between the murderous story line of Hamlet and some of the real life crimes committed by the men in the play, as well the struggle we can feel with getting to know someone and then finding out dark things about their past. It's fascinating.


While I wish they'd disappear overnight, my foot aches and pains are sticking around. Luckily (as noted in last week's blog) I have lots of tools in my toolbox these days. One of which is Recovery Balm by Saje. Yup, my favorite Canadian essential oil/wellness brand is back. This balm is the perfect consistency for massaging (ouch) the foot and smells wonderful. Spoiler - only available in Canada. Call a friend up north!


We went to a classic summer picnic last Saturday evening with some friends. I'm talking complete with grilled chicken, corn, veggies, etc. Naturally, the only thing to top it off would be a classic summery dessert! I found a gluten free berry crisp recipe on Food Network, altered it a little (why do they put so much sugar in things?), and it was a hit! Check it out - and my suggestion: ditch all of the sugar and use about half the amount of coconut sugar in the topping only. PS It makes a great breakfast the next day!


Urban hammock. We all love sitting in a hammock reading a book, but for some reason most of us have decided we can only do that if we are somewhere like a lake or camping. Why? I asked myself this question and set my hammock up on our front porch. I strung it up between the two front porch pillars. It was heavenly. Immediately upped the relaxation level! I highly suggest it. And if you're looking for a good hammock, look no further than ENO (no, I'm not affiliated with them in any way). 


Last week (I think?) I posted an IG photo about the stuff we don't see on social media. The "other" stuff. The shitty things. The things that go wrong. It felt so good to do. To break that pattern of only showing the highlights. Well a good friend read it and thought so too, and in response sent me a link to a heartwrenching story. Be prepared, this does not have a happy ending. But it was a powerful piece on a collegiate runner who committed suicide. It's beautifully written and, I think, will strike a chord with most of us. Even if it doesn't feel like it relates to you specifically, we have all felt this way about social media at some point. Just know you're not getting into a happy story.