kendrick lamar

What I'm Into Wednesday - FREE TIME!

This week's Wednesday blog is smack dab in the middle of a no social media there's a good chance absolutely nobody is reading it, seeing as how I can't link it to anything.

That sounds weird, but it's awesome. This week has been amazing and I've had so much free time. This blog is dedicated to all the things I've done with the time I usually spent scrolling the socials.


I love reading. Fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction. You name it, I love it. One of the girls on my retreat in August was reading this book, so I picked it up at Powell's. Yes, in August and I'm just reading it now. It was sad, hopeful, emotionally tough, and beautifully written. ROOM. Quick synopsis: girl gets abducted in college, kept in a storage shed for 7 years with unspeakable things done to her by her captor, has a child, raises him in this Room. Prepare yourself for tears, but it was worth it. A stunning book. 


As some of you know, Angelo ran a 2:59 marathon at Ventura on Sunday. First off, let's just collectively say HOLY SHIT THAT'S FAST! While he was running and I was stressing out and stalking the runner tracking I needed to pre-occupy myself. So I baked. Bakerita is one of my favorite food bloggers and her paleo friendly, vegan friendly, healthy-ish options are always the bomb. I don't think I've ever made anything that didn't turn out good. This week it was snickerdoodles! I happened to have all the ingredients in the house already. These almond flour and coconut flour based cookies turned out amazing (and made the house smell awesome)! We've been eating them all week.


After his successful marathon attempt, I went to the grocery store to stock up on all of Angelo's favorite things to celebrate with when he came home that night. One of which is kombucha. We both like many flavors from many companies and usually pick based on what is on sale. So this week at Lazy Acres I picked up two Health Ade flavors: Pink Lady Apple and Power Greens. Power Greens is my jam. Spirulina, camu camu, and a few other fancy superfoods turn this already healthy beverage into a super power. And a delicious one at that!


Spoiler alert for the last category, but we got a new couch. In the process of putting it together (the first time) we needed some serious musical enjoyment. Angelo chose the new Kendrick Lamar album. Damn, it's good. I've heard the two or three songs that the radio (over)plays but I hadn't heard the whole thing yet. It was such a great reminder of how much I like good hip hop. I've been listening to hip hop nonstop since then.






As alluded to above, we got a new (to us) couch! Angelo's sister upgraded and passed along their Ikea couch. As much shit as we all like to give Ikea, sometimes they nail it. This couch is one of those times. The chaise end lifts and has storage underneath and the couch side has a pull out section that pops up to make a full bed. PERFECT! We needed a replacement for our super heavy, completely Arlo-d, uncomfortable pull out couch. Only problem: when we put it together and put it in our living room, I realized the color was all wrong. For a few moments (ok, the rest of the night) I pouted. But upon waking the next day, I thought "hey, I bet I can re-upholster this." It's all square/rectangular pieces and Ikea simply used a staple gun to attach the fabric in the first place. So one staple gun, lots of staples, a few hours of sweatily being angry at having to take apart and put back together an Ikea item, 12 yards of fabric (thanks Discount Fabrics on Adams), and 4 hours of stapling and VOILA! We have a practically brand new couch. Projects are fun. Do them more.