maximize my month

Maximize My Month - December 2017

We've made it. The final month of 2017. Together we've tried out and experimented with all sorts of mini life tricks and hacks to see what kind of results we could get each month.

Some were winners and others not so much, but the important thing is that we've been trying. All year, trying. To make ourselves incrementally better. And I think it's working!

November's goal was to not hit snooze. Not a single morning. Guess what? It worked! I woke up with my first alarm this past month. It's been day changing (I feel so so so much better), day in and day out. And I'll definitely keep it up. PS did you know that with the new iPhone OS you can turn off the snooze function all together? Yup. Totally doing that.


So as we move into December, how are we going to finish the year? While I've been great about using the extra 5-10 minutes in the morning to meditate I've also noticed that my habit of picking my phone up to shut off the alarm has led to very early morning social media browsing, news reading, and email checking. Yup, that's what those 4:something AM IG likes are all about.

SO here's what we're up to for December: no e-mail, no socials, no news, no returning texts UNTIL I've meditated. The pieces are all there, now let's prioritize them. 

Because, you see, once I've meditated I'm much more focused, aligned, and excited for the day - which means I'm much less likely to get lost in the black hole of technology.

Small changes. That's what we're all about!

Cheers to one more in 2017!



Maximize My Month - November, 2017


A timely combination of October's monthly challenge centering around complaining less and my body deciding that running wasn't going to feel good happening in the same month made for an interesting, and sometimes difficult, October. 

A month of interesting conversations with myself, and a select few around me, about what my body is trying to tell me, how best to listen, and how to balance that want/need to run and move with the apparent need to rest. Some of the outcomes of these conversations was a conscious decision to sleep in a little more, skip some morning workouts, and (pretty drastically) cut down my running all together.

I told Angelo yesterday that I have been feeling guilt around sleeping in and skipping morning workouts. Not because I feel like I should be doing them, am lazy for not, or am upset about missing previously planned events...but because it felt so good. I've been feeling guilty that my body feels so much better when I do those things. How goofy is that? I've been dealing with fatigue and pain for so long, and it's ingrained in us that things should feel uncomfortable and difficult, that I feel guilty when they don't. 

An unintended side effect of this conscious decision to slow down was something I'm unhappy with - hitting snooze. I've become a snooze monster. 

The amazing thing about taking some mornings off, or sleeping in (which is like 6AM for me), or substituting running workouts with something else is that, ideally, I should feel like I have a little more time in my mornings. Time to make a cup of coffee and sit down to drink it. Time to read the news. Time to catch up on those bottom items on the to do list that get ignored often. Time to walk the dog. Time to meditate.

But if I just hit snooze, I lose that time. And I don't gain any meaningful sleep, we all know this.

So November's challenge: kill the snooze monster. Set an alarm the night before and JUST GET UP when it goes off. 

Ya with me?



Maximize My Month - October 2017


October marks the 1 Year Anniversary of these "Maximize My Month" mini challenges. They started as a way to keep myself accountable to actually making the small changes that I always said I should do, and along the way they've morphed into mini accountability groups to help each other make the small changes that have big effects.

In honor of the anniversary, I'm going back to the challenge from October 2016. Is that allowed? Sure. I made it up, so I say it is. The OG challenge was No Complaint October.

Yup, you read that right. For an entire month, no complaining. Sound tough? It was/is/will be. Here's the details:

1. Wear a rubber band/bracelet of some sort around one wrist.

2. When you catch yourself complaining (or someone else catches you) you must move the rubber band/bracelet to the other wrist as a physical reminder.

3. You must also counter your complaint with something positive to say or think, or a solution to your problem.

4. Yes, I said think. This challenge applies to your thoughts as well. 

Out of all of the monthly changes I've made, this one had the most profound effect. Sometimes we just need a little boost and reminder to restart something good. Let's do it.

Who's in?



Maximize My Month - September, 2017

File_000 (12).jpeg

September is here. Kids are back in school, tourists from Arizona have gone home, and it's still feeling hot as ever in San Diego. With a new month comes a new challenge. And this is a simple one, but one I'm excited about. 

However, first we review August. The goal for August was to be more present: meditate daily, practice more yoga (even if just at home), and leave my phone while doing things like walking Arlo. I'm pretty pumped to say that I knocked this month out of the park. 

I made time to meditate (thanks Headspace!), I had the honor of leading my second retreat of the year (all about yoga and meditation - and a little wine), I spent lots of QT with Arlo, and I practiced more yoga (mostly at home). It feels great and this is a kick I will not come off of any time soon.

So on to September...

A few weeks ago I ran a 15 miler with some trail running friends (hi Lou, Megan, and John!) and we got in a convo about hydration. I fessed up that I'm terrible with drinking water before bed and in the morning. And that I felt like it might be inhibiting my exercise abilities to start my day off dehydrated. 

So this month I pledge to drink a glass of water before bed every night and one first thing upon awakening. I started this a few days early (overachiever, I know). I already feel better and even though I've been waking up once during the night to pee, I think it's totally worth it. 

So join me? Let's fight dehydration together!

PS John Nagib, this one's for you. I know you're in. 

Maximize My Month - July 2017

Sometimes you have great ideas that you're chomping at the bit to engage and sometimes you're fresh out of ideas and just waiting for inspiration. I love when that inspiration strikes!

Let's back up. June's goal was to do handstands every day. I put an entire year (2015) into learning how to do handstands. And like anything, if you don't use it you lose it. And I had felt like I lost it. But it was really fun and fascinating to see how quickly that movement pattern came back this past month. It really is like riding a bike - muscle memory is there and it's powerful. And sometimes flipping your perspective (literally) is very necessary.

Back to this month's inspiration. Last week I got to Ashley Lane Fitness a few minutes early for a session with a client and I took advantage of it to spend 10 minutes working hip and ankle mobility. Only 10 minutes and it was the best I've felt in months. I mentioned this in passing to my friend, and Vajoggy founder, the HP (and tiny, bread making magician Allie) and they were in agreement that it was an area they needed to be working on. This is the moment of inspiration: accounta-billa-buddies. Every day we'd text each other to remind each other to take 5 minutes and work on something we know we need to be doing daily (for us, mobility work). 

So that's July's goal: get yourself an accounta-billa-buddy. Find someone with similar goals. Commit to each other to keep each other in line to do those small things that you would forget about/postpose/procrastinate on your own.

Together, we're stronger!