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What I'm Into Wednesday - Christmas Came Early

Last year we ventured to the faraway land of Cleveland, Ohio for Christmas celebrations so this year we made the executive decision to just stay home.

And while I'm stoked for a low key holiday, it was really nice to get to celebrate early with family as well. Angelo's mom, Vickie, came into town this past weekend and we did our Christmas celebrations with her, Domenica, and Mark. 

Pro-tip: always have baked brie at Christmas. Ain't no such thing as too much cheese. 


Part of my weekend that had nothing to do with Christmas was a workshop at MOSAIC yoga in Golden Hill. It was called Visualize 2018. I have to admit, I had completely different expectations for this workshop. I knew there would be an aspect of talking about the astrological predictions for the next year - but I thought that would be a very small portion. The name indicated that we'd be doing some goal setting, or at the very least, visualization and manifestation for 2018. I'd be lying if I said I was disappointed in the workshop as a whole. 

I know everyone has different opinions on astrology. I find it entertaining and I've always been one who likes to be like, hm that's interesting. But the most I read into it is as a way to get me thinking about myself and the world around me. To analyze - just like reading a book or reading a quote or hearing a podcast might do. Seeing it as a predictor doesn't resonate with me.

BUT, because we're all about focusing on the positives, part of this workshop exceeded all of my expectations - and that was Sophie's yin class. That woman is magical. I'll be going back to yin at MOSAIC as many Thursday nights as I can. 7:15pm for anyone who wants to/needs to join me in some serious unwinding, restoration, and renewal. The power of yin is real. 


Monday morning found me in the first week of my Boston 2018 training program. Holy crap, that came up fast. After 28 days off of running, I went for 2.5 miles on Saturday just to test it out. But the real fun began Monday morning with NP.

I was pretty excited to be back for this workout because it was at Park at the Park down at Petco - and working out here has been on my list ever since I was a leader of NP.

It lived up to it's expectation. It was beautiful, clean, and challenging - stairs, hills, and a bridge race. 2.8 miles later my butt was thoroughly kicked - man, coming back from time off never gets any easier. 


This week's podcast shout out is actually two weeks of the same story. This American Life took on "Our Town" - and the issue of illegal immigration. This two part-er examines life in rural Alabama during the 1990s and 2000s as thousands of legal and illegal immigrants flooded their town to find work at poultry processing plants. It looks at employment, crime, education, and most interestingly (to me) the attitude and interactions of the different demographic groups at odds in the town.

On a larger scale, they were looking to answer the very popular questions about how immigration (both illegal and legal) impact Americans. Does it really take jobs away from American citizens? Do immigrants cause increased drug use and violent crime? Do immigrants cost taxpayers money?

In our current political climate, I thought this was super informative and illuminating on the subject. 


So the second part of our "Christmas Day" celebrations consisted of a cookie party with some friends. Here's how cookie parties work:

Everyone makes a different type of cookie. You all gather and eat said cookies. Then you take a bunch of cookies home, swearing you won't want to eat them for a while because of your current stomachache. And then you wake up in the morning and eat cookies. 

When your friends are amazing in the kitchen, you know the cookies are gonna be good. And yes, yes they were. And yes, I've put a self imposed limit of 3 cookies/day on myself. 


Between the cheese in the morning and cookies at night, we figured we probably needed some real food.

Enter Mark to save us! Mark whipped up an amazing Thai dinner Saturday evening - and I swear I've never walked into a better smelling house.

Thai coconut green curry soup with mushrooms and peppers over jasmine rice and a papaya and carrot salad that was bomb.

Yay for veggies! Now to figure out how to cook that way. 

What I'm into Wednesday - Single Parent Edition

People have told us that getting a puppy is like having a baby. I've never had a baby, but I'm not sure I'd go that far. Yes, it changes your routines and priorities and there's an element of lack of sleep that is similar, but I can put my puppy in his crate for 30 minutes to take a shower. Can't put babies in crates.

That being said, I was a single puppy parent last week while Angelo was in LA working...and man, it's tough. I realized very quickly how much I take advantage of having a partner to split parenting duties with and I'm so thankful he's there for it all!

This weeks entries have absolutely nothing to do with the puppy. I just wanted to share that sentiment. Be grateful for those in your life who help you. That's all.




This viral video of 2 year old toddler twins having a seriously fun fort building, pillow fighting, brotherly bonding night while they were supposed to be sleeping got me. It's adorable. It's hilarious. It makes me want to know what my puppy will do when he's home alone (eventually). May have to invest in some sort of camera. 


Let's get weird on this one. I like the smell of new yoga mats. It's rubbery, and kind of chemically smelling, but for some reason it's familiar and comforting. lululemon is testing out some new mats with different types and levels of grip and I was lucky enough to practice on them (and have been since Ambassador Summit last year). I'm already a fan of my lululemon mat, and most things lululemon, but these are innovative and awesome. Stay tuned. 


My good friend Danny was surprisingly in town this weekend and turned me on to a new (to me) podcast: How I Built This. By NPR, this podcast is all about entrepreneurs of businesses and brands you know and love and how they built them. It's a fascinating behind the scenes look into the minds of some of the smartest and most successful business people. And it's shorter episodes (think 45 or so minutes). And it's NPR. So you know it's good. 


This is sort of obscure, but it's my blog, so here goes. I love applesauce. I've had some amazing homemade applesauce recently (thank you Amanda!) but I'm too lazy. My go to? Sprouts brand original applesauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Nothing but apples. And for some reason so refreshing! Hydrating! Satisfying of my sweet tooth. Plus, it's great for baking healthier versions of breads and muffins. 


I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but I'm sort of a type A person. Go, go, go, do, do, do and occasionally breathe. A goal of mine was to slow down and do more to decrease my stress levels (hello, cortisol) and boost my parasympathetic nervous system. So, I've been going (almost) weekly to yin yoga with Sophie at Mosaic Yoga in Golden Hill. Thursday nights at 7:15PM this magical class, combined with reiki, goes down and feels like it literally resets all of my nervous system in 75 minutes.