Maximize My Month - November, 2017


A timely combination of October's monthly challenge centering around complaining less and my body deciding that running wasn't going to feel good happening in the same month made for an interesting, and sometimes difficult, October. 

A month of interesting conversations with myself, and a select few around me, about what my body is trying to tell me, how best to listen, and how to balance that want/need to run and move with the apparent need to rest. Some of the outcomes of these conversations was a conscious decision to sleep in a little more, skip some morning workouts, and (pretty drastically) cut down my running all together.

I told Angelo yesterday that I have been feeling guilt around sleeping in and skipping morning workouts. Not because I feel like I should be doing them, am lazy for not, or am upset about missing previously planned events...but because it felt so good. I've been feeling guilty that my body feels so much better when I do those things. How goofy is that? I've been dealing with fatigue and pain for so long, and it's ingrained in us that things should feel uncomfortable and difficult, that I feel guilty when they don't. 

An unintended side effect of this conscious decision to slow down was something I'm unhappy with - hitting snooze. I've become a snooze monster. 

The amazing thing about taking some mornings off, or sleeping in (which is like 6AM for me), or substituting running workouts with something else is that, ideally, I should feel like I have a little more time in my mornings. Time to make a cup of coffee and sit down to drink it. Time to read the news. Time to catch up on those bottom items on the to do list that get ignored often. Time to walk the dog. Time to meditate.

But if I just hit snooze, I lose that time. And I don't gain any meaningful sleep, we all know this.

So November's challenge: kill the snooze monster. Set an alarm the night before and JUST GET UP when it goes off. 

Ya with me?



What I'm Into Wednesday - IT FEELS LIKE FALL FINALLY!

The title of this week's installment has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of the blog, but I'm so incredibly excited about the cool weather that I just couldn't help myself.

After a ridiculously hot stretch, to have days where it's 3PM and still grey and in the 60s is heavenly. 

This weekend was a great mix of work and play and, with the exception of weirdly throwing my back outta whack, it has led into feeling very refreshed and stoked entering this week. So after a night sleeping on our incredibly firm newly upholstered couch (which felt ah-maz-ing on my back) I'm rolling into November ready!



One of the "play" aspects of the weekend was hanging out with Angelo's family to celebrate his sister, Domenica's, birthday. In addition to gifting her some fun presents, we couldn't help ourselves and had to include a gift for the baby girl that they are expecting in March. Angelo found the most ridiculously adorable baby Converse socks. They are meant to look like converse high top sneakers and I can't get over how perfect they are. If you've ever looked at baby shoes in general, you know that every major rad brand does a baby version, but teeny tiny socks for newborns took the cake.


Prior to our weekend of family and friend fun, we needed to get our house and our dog ready for visitors. That often includes a bath for Mr. Arlo. I give us a little credit for the bathtime routine going so smoothly. We started bathing Arlo in the shower with one of us when he was super small and now that he's a giant, he's very comfortable climbing himself into the shower and standing still while we get him all bathed. His new puppy shampoo smells so good! Dead sea minerals, hydrating oils. There's nothing like freshly bathed puppy smell!



Podcasts are pretty much life these days. One of my frequent favs, who I haven't been listening to as much lately, made a comeback this week. Tim Ferriss interviewed Arianna Huffington...and I'm almost speechless. I, like most 30 somethings, get some of my news from HuffPost, but I knew nothing about Arianna Huffington. She's fucking fascinating. And my new idol. Smart, hilariously funny, down to earth, and seriously inspirational. Do yourself a favor (esp if you're a woman and/or entrepreneur) and listen to this episode. 


Our weekend capped off with an Italian feast on Sunday evening. What started as a simple convo about a specific Italian dish we had never heard of spawned an entire night of eating. And it was fantastic. From an epic cheeseboard to homemade bread to pasta to bracciole (that's the new dish) to tiramisu and was unbelievable. And, of course, no good Italian night is complete without some really great people. Family and friends together (and a few doggos) made for the perfect fall evening. I'm still full. 



Pulling specifically from the Italian feast, taste goes out to one particular Italian cookie: The Rainbow cookie. You know the one. Green, red, and yellow layers of cookie with jam between them covered in chocolate. They are made with an almond paste and represent the colors of the Italian flag. You can find them at most Italian markets/delis, but these specific ones were purchased at Filippi's in Little Italy. They're one of my all time favs. I'm still eating them days later.