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What I'm Into Wednesday - One For The Books.

I'm writing this week's blog coming off of my final Vinyasa and Vino retreat of 2017. What started as a harebrained idea to combine my teaching yoga with my parent's winery manifested itself into two full blown weekend retreats. And they were awesome.

This second one consisted of yummy brunch and shopping in Portland, lots of yoga, more wine, a trip to Mt. St. Helens, some outdoor games, plenty of food, the best ice cream on the planet, and much much more. 

The six women who came together for this weekend blew my mind. 2 20-somethings who own a nut butter empire, 2 marine biologists, a lawyer, and an engineer. Some of the most intelligent, caring, hilarious, and powerful women in my world. And they bonded immediately. 

It's special to see women support each other, show up for each other, and live without abandon.

I can only hope to fill next year's retreats with more of the same! Want to go? Let me know and I'll put you on the waiting list!

For now, here's some amazingness from last weekend.





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There's something just so unique about the crunch of gravel underfoot and of heavy breathing in the air. The Saturday morning of our retreat began with a November Project style workout (thanks to the insistence of one of our favorite retreat attendees). So what does one do when in the woods and planning a workout? Use what you have! You picked up a piece of firewood, ran just over a quarter mile, stacked the wood up to build a tall Lincoln Log like structure, bunny hopped up some stairs to the firepit or lunged into the woods. Rinse and repeat. It was funny, hard, and thoroughly enjoyed by all!


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The smell and feel of a warm summer afternoon is unmistakable. Being able to sit outside on a patio with a flight of wine and the worlds yummiest charcuterie board is some serious icing on the cake. The last evening of our retreat was dedicated to tasting the white wine (and rose) that my parents make and pairing the tastings with cheese, bread, crackers, spreads, meats, olives, etc. The hours of laughs, refills of glasses, and plates of shared food made for a memorable experience. 


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The weekend at the winery was bookended with half days in Portland. We started on Thursday on SE Hawthorne with brunch at Harlow (YUM) and wandering through cute and classic Portland shops and ended on Sunday with a trip to Salt & Straw (which is coming to SD this fall, YAY!) and Powell's Books. This quote was found on the wall at one of the shops on Hawthorne. But the food and the vibe of the city's different neighborhoods truly is one you have to see for yourself. 


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I mentioned above that two of the attendees to this retreat were the founders of a nut butter empire. Enter Keeley and Erika, co-founders of Wild Friends Foods. What started as a weekend food experiment in their apartment during college has blossomed into a full fledged (and successful) business. Wild Friends has a while variety of nut butters and blends and is found in stores all across America - from Sprouts to Costco and more. Besides the delicious nut butters (which is a reason in and of itself to support the company) the 24 and 26 year old co-founders are powerhouses of business women and inspire the hell out of me. 



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I did a thing. I wrote a book. Like a real, bound, published book. Critical Anatomy is an anatomy book for yoga practitioners and teachers. The first half of the book is an introduction to the most crucial anatomy and physiology information that you need to practice (or teach) yoga safely. The second half of the book is a workbook that yoga teachers can use in their teacher trainings to instruct future teachers on anatomy. The book has been about a year long labor of love and my mind is blown that it's come to fruition. The test book (as seen in the photo) came while I was gone this weekend and after reviewing it, the book has been made available for purchase. It should be able to be found on Amazon within the next 2-4 days by searching for my name or for "Critical Anatomy"! EEK. Apparently I'm a published author now.