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What I'm Into Wednesday - The LA Edition

Work-life balance is something that I am constantly toying with. When your work and your life overlap in almost every single way, is there a balance? Should there be a balance? Does there need to be a balance? Or can they overlap?

I think they can safely overlap, and consistently overlap, but that taking a break from actively thinking about work is important. 

After all, leading an inspired life is what leads to inspired work. 

So last Thursday my friend Amanda and I took a #daycation to LA. LA is a town that is so close, yet so far away. Just far enough that I tend to forget that it exists. This trip was the perfect reminder that La-La-Land truly is nearby and, when done right, is a gem.

So this week's post is dedicated to LA!




Hike Griffith Park. Our first stop of the day was Griffith Park, LA's greenest, and most fun, urban trail playground. Our intention was to hike with Amanda's cousin-in-law (yes, that's a thing) up to the Griffith Observatory, which has one of my favorite views of LA of all time. Buuuut we weren't moving that fast. So we opted for pausing most of the way up to take a selfie video of us with the Hollywood sign on one side and then spinning around to showcase the Observatory on the other. Either way, it felt touristy and it was awesome. I know I've said this a few times already on this blog, but the rain in Southern California is doing magical things. The park was beautiful!


Tofu Banh Mi tacos at Tacos Tu Madre. We bolted down the trail (almost landing on a snake, whoops!) and bee-lined for lunch. Stephen brought us back to one of my favorite neighborhoods, Los Feliz, for tacos at Tacos Tu Madre. They were so good! My personal favorite? The Tofu Banh Mi. It was unbelievably delicious and I could have eaten three more of them. But we were in a rush to escape to...


Get a scrub and massage and bathe at the Korean Spa. The Korean Spa! We went to Olympic Spa in Koreatown. This is something I've wanted to do for ages and I can't explain how excited I was. You ditch your shoes and clothes in a locker, throw on a robe (for a little while), and make your way to the showers. Rinse off and then a whole bevy of options are yours! Dry sauna, steam sauna, Himalayan salt sauna, mineral bath, hot tub, cold tub. This large, open, room full of other naked ladies is where you spend your time sweating or soaking or detoxifying while you wait for your number to be called. Truth be told, I felt a little like cattle being herded into my pen at first. But any initial wariness wears off quickly. I was scrubbed, rinsed, massaged. I had my hair washed, my face covered in seaweed, and my body moisturized. I was rinsed again and then an hour and a half or so after it started, I was hand dried. And officially the softest I've been since I could be called a toddler. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Get over feeling weird about being naked. It's worth it. 


Read books at the Last Bookstore. Our spa-d out, blissful selves had a few more stops to make. Next we ventured downtown to the Last Bookstore. This is a place I've wanted to see for years. Books used as walls, art, and Instagram backdrops. We did a quick walk through, but I'd love to go back and actually explore. 


Rescue puppies at the Dog Cafe. However, the rescue pups were calling our name. This "dog cafe" is so fun. You pay $15, which is a donation to the rescue organization, to get your coffee and an hour with the pups. There were about 10 adoptable dogs, ranging from 3 months old to a few years old. You literally just get to play with puppies. Be prepared. It smells a little like pee (cause all they do is pee) and you'll still want to take one home.


Whew! A whirlwind of a day in LA. Perfect for pressing re-set.