What I'm Into Wednesday - The Bathroom Edition

I have a friend. Her name is Amanda. She's hilarious. We agree on most things. But sometimes we fight. Mostly over toilet etiquette. So, Amanda, this week is all about toilets and just for you!



Probably about a year ago I wandered into this adorable store in North Park called Simply Local. It's set up almost in small booths, each one owned by a different local vendor. There's fun shirts, cute jewelry, greeting cards, candles, etc. There was a section in the back with posters and graphics printed on t-shirts and tank tops. There I found the perfect wall art for a bathroom. A lovely little meditating man with the phrase "Let That Shit Go". Clever and punny, just my style. 


Bathrooms are not known for their fragrance. But a few years ago I was given a gag gift that has turned out to be absolutely perfect. It's called Poo Pouri. If you haven't heard of it or used it, watch this video. Here's the thing about it though: it's freaking expensive. So, being the resourceful human that I am, I googled how to make it at home. Ingenious! And so simple. You can make whatever scent you like and it works just as well as the fancy packaged stuff. You're welcome.


If we're being honest, this is where Amanda and I argue. How to put the toilet paper on the roll. My belief (my strong, correct belief) is that the toilet paper goes on the over way, not the under way. That's all there is to it. End of discussion.


Again, not another category that you like to associate with the bathroom. This one's not gross though, don't worry. I keep my vitamins in the bathroom and I'm obsessed with gummy vitamins. Hear me out. I know they aren't as high quality or potent as many other types of supplements and vitamins. But I will forget to take anything in pill form. It's a fact. But I won't forget to eat gummies. So I get something in every day to supplement what my diet might miss. And for me, that's good enough. My go-to? VitaFusion - multivitamins and calcium. P.S. Pro tip - they usually have them cheaper than normal at Grocery Outlet!



This has nothing to do with bathrooms and is just what I've heard this week that I like. On the podcast train again and digging This American Life. Specifically the episode titled "One Last Thing Before You Go". Two very poignant (and vastly different) stories about final words surrounding death. Yes, it gets a little emotional but I promise there's humor to balance it out as well.