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What I'm Into Wednesday - Monday Mornings

Having a non-scheduled schedule is something I try to never take for granted - and one I wouldn't give up. I can't imagine going back to a 9-5. But with freedom can come discomfort. I function best with some routine, some consistency. So I've been working towards gaining that in my days. Whether it's through consistent workouts or consistent work spaces, routine breeds discipline. And discipline is good.

My Monday morning routine? November Project followed by coffee and breakfast. And then I head to La Jolla for the morning to work at The Post (the co-working space in lululemon) before teaching a noon yoga class at Buddhi. This is where these posts get drafted weekly! Looking for a good work spot? Join me here.

On to the post...written at The Post.


I'm pretty sure I've written about The Champ from Dark Horse Coffee Roasters in the past. And if not, my mistake. But the variation of The Champ using cold brew instead of espresso is insanely good. Especially when you have it made with in store made oat milk (instead of regular or almond milk). YUM. Cold brew, oat milk, honey, cinnamon. I'm currently working on trying to recreate this at home. Results TBD.


When I walk into The Post to work, I'm struck by the smell of lululemon as a retail store. Mainly it smells like new yoga mats, which is a very distinct smell. And probably a weird one to like - but oh well. That brand new rubber, not yet sweat covered, pretty rolled up mat is just a comforting smell. Plus, they are the best mats in the world.


Last Tuesday I went on a solo daytrip to Orange County. I told you all to expect a recap in this week's blog post - and the next few items are just that! One of my stops was at the Thousand Steps beach in Laguna. I didn't even know this existed until I was researching cool things in OC and I'm so glad I went! Spoiler alert: there are only two hundred and something steps BUT still worth it. Looking up at the stairs and at the ridiculous houses that dot the cliff line above the beach/cove is amazing. Not only are the houses themselves insane, but many of them have private staircases and ELEVATORS or RAILCARS to take people to and from the beach. WHAT? So cool. 


My other favorite stop from the day was at the Aliso Summit Trail. This was located in the mountains above Laguna Beach in Laguna Nigel. This easy, meandering trail boasted unbelievable views of the ocean as well as of the massive mansions that dotted the trail. However, the coolest part (nerd alert) was the fairy houses along the way. A local resident (or multiple) started building tiny fairy houses and scenes all along the trail. They had different names, different scenes (think library or troll bridge) and they were just adorable. It reminded me of being a kid and hiking on Prince Edward Island in eastern Canada and building fairy houses in the woods. Just a cute addition to a beautiful walk.


While I took Tuesday as a day off of work to reset, I still found myself craving good, motivating podcasts for my car time. I listened to most of the episodes available of How I Built This. First, I love the host (Guy Roz). He's great. You can also hear him host TED Radio Hour. And second, I love hearing firsthand experiences of other entrepreneurs. These are some of the biggest names out there and hearing about their struggles, their path, and realizing that what they went through isn't all that different than many of the things I feel like I'm going through is awesome. Plus they are so candid and open. My favorite of the day? Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS. Takeaway? When speaking about your business plans, product, or services don't use phrases like "my idea is...". Ideas don't spark confidence (from yourself or others). Instead speak in terms like "my business does..." or "my product/service is..." Words have power. 

Off The Mat - Grace

For this, our final week of June and our final week with the theme of "transition" we moved with the intention of linking together yoga postures on our mat. This idea that as one posture ends the next begins without pause. Similar to how as one exhale ends the inhale follows immediately, and vice versa. This connectedness creates a smooth and flowing practice. It lends itself to a slower and more mindful flow. One that is in unison with the breath.

As you step off of the mat and begin to take this idea into daily life it can manifest in many ways. As you finish events, activities, interactions, and obligations, as one chapter closes, can you begin to feel the shift towards the next? Can you take what you just experienced and learned and move intuitively with that towards wherever you're going? Can you rely on your breath to help you navigate through those shifts and changes?

Can you allow this mindset help ease the speed and suddenness with which things feel like they change? So you feel more like you're on a bike ride along rolling hills than a roller coaster? Can you use these ideas to keep yourself focused on the present and looking towards the future rather than staring behind you?

Can you find grace?



Off the Mat - The Space Between

We are a generation of schedulers. 6:30AM teach yoga here, 9AM meeting here, 12PM teach again here, and so on and so forth. We move from one event, one person, one activity to the other. And we move without thinking. 

Sometimes we even move from place to place without realizing how we got there. You've experienced the sensation of driving to somewhere, getting there, and not really realizing how we got there or remembering the drive to get there. 

Our mind wanders during transitional times. We wander to past events or to what's happening in the future. Sometimes we wander days, weeks, months in advance.

This week, on our mat, we practice staying present through the transition. Making the spaces between the postures just as mindful and purposeful as the postures themselves.

Can you take that off of the mat with you? Can you purposefully use your time between your "things"? Sit down and mindfully enjoy the space? Take a different route driving and actually look at the scenery? Stay focused during interactions and conversations, even if they are short and in passing?

This week I honor the space between.

Maximize My Month - June

The 6th month of the year is upon us... and as is custom in San Diego, it's rolling in with gray skies (hello June gloom!). This past month has been an absolute whirlwind of activities, teaching, retreats, and events and I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to see not a whole lot extra on the calendar for June.

It was a challenging month to stick to my May directives: I'm not stressed, I'm not busy, and I don't have to do anything. But that was the point! To be challenged. And upon review of the month, I give myself a passing grade... but barely. I was great on not using the phrases "busy" or "stressed" and while my month was packed, I truly didn't feel like either of those words rang true. But I did catch myself saying I have to do all sorts of things. So work to be done still. And most unsurprisingly, this challenge once again helped me to notice the language of those around me. And illustrated more than one person/friendship/relationship that I've found I either need to distance myself from, have an honest conversation with, or let go. Spring cleaning, if you will.

June's challenge is going to go quite literally the opposite direction of May. It's a physical challenge. And one that isn't so serious. 

I've missed my regular handstand practice. In 2015 I set out to learn to handstand and practiced every single day. And like any good skill, if you don't use it you lose it. And I've lost it. 

So for June I pledge to get upside down and handstand every damn day.

Now if you're like, "um handstands aren't my jam", that's awesome! Is there one specific physical activity, skill, stretch, or exercise that you should do every day? Think hard. Great! Make that your June commitment!

Let's see what changes can happen in a month!



What I'm Into Wednesday - The Travel Edition

So, initially I was going to make this all about Portland, using it as a recap of sorts of my very first Vinyasa and Vino retreat this past weekend. But then I realized that I'm travelling again this weekend and that while some of the things I've been thinking about this week have been all about PDX, many others are about travel in general.

So in the spirit of jetsetting... What I'm Into Wednesday - The Travel Edition!


One of my favorite parts about travelling, specifically back to the PNW (Pacific NorthWest), is seeing the different terrain and landscape. And my absolute favorite part of the landscape up there is the mountains! They are huge, covered in snow, and breathtaking. I snapped this quick photo after dropping my friend off at the airport at 5AM on Monday morning. The sunrise and the outline of Mt. Hood took my breath away.

Want to see more of Mt. Hood? Go check out November Project PDX - yup, they're official! I happened to be there for the Wednesday they became part of the family and it was special, like it always is. Their workout location sports a sweet view of the mountain on a clear day. Not that you needed any other reason to visit the tribe.


There's something so unique about the smell of the forest. It's clean, damp, fresh, and weirdly green smelling. We took the retreaters on a Saturday morning hike/adventure through the woods up above the winery. We learned all about the forestry history of the area, the types of trees, and what plants and animals hang out up there today. Not only was it visually stunning and blast to stomp around in old rubber boots, but the smell just got me. 


I've tasted wine many times before, both officially and just drinking, but not like this. We pulled wine straight outta the barrel, compared the smell and tasting notes to a collection of pure scents of different things (think blackberry vs. bilberry vs. black currant) and then put together our very own unique blend. We landed on a 46% Cabernet Sauvignon, 46% Merlot, and 8% Malbec blend that is just delightful! And then we proceeded to filter, bottle, and cork it ourselves. So fun!


While I travel I like to listen to podcasts and this trip I got into some Stuff You Should Know. Specifically, "What's the 10000 Year Clock?". I learn something new every time I listen to one of these podcasts and I had never even hear of the 10000 year clock prior to this. A little tidbit about me, I love learning history and I feel like the information sticks in my brain...but I have zero ability to relay it. So I'll spare you a mixed up attempt of explaining the podcast and just suggest you listen to it yourself.


Read. Read. Read. Read. Read. And go visit Powell's Books while in Portland. We did, and of course an hour and a half wasn't a long enough time there, and of course I bought books, and of course I read an entire one on the plane ride home. I'm Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid is one of the better thriller/mystery novels that I've read in a long time. And by better I mean creepy as fuck. In the best way possible. It was a literal page turner that I couldn't put down... and didn't until it was over.