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What I'm Into Wednesday - The Celebration/Recovery Edition

A few weeks ago I posted about some of my favorite things that surround marathon training. The purpose of training for a marathon is to eventually run said marathon, and that happened on Sunday.

I can't stop expressing gratitude towards everyone who has been there along the journey to that finish line. From my running partners, to my life partner, to all of you who read the ramblings - I couldn't have done it without you.

And yes, I surpassed my goal for Sunday's race. I'll be going to Boston to run the marathon in April. And I'm so, so happy.

Now is the time for celebration and recovery. Enjoy my favorites!




Look, I know I'm wayyyy late to the game on this one but in the days leading up to the race and in the days post race, while I was laying around with my legs up a wall hydrating, I needed something to keep me occupied. Enter Broad City. Holy shit. It's hilarious. I find myself laughing out loud during each episode and I love the fact that the episodes are so short. It's a well written comedy with the perfect actors (I love Hannibal Burress) and it's well worth the binge time. Thank you Hulu.


When my eyes can't take any more screen time, I've been turning to podcasts. We all know I'm a huge fan of self improvement/development podcasts but occasionally I just want a good story to get lost in. I was a big fan of both seasons of Serial (even though they were drastically different) and I've been meaning to start listening to S-Town. I was wisely warned to not expect it to be like Serial, so I didn't. And I am digging it. The story is fascinating, the reporting is exactly what you expect of Serial or This American Life, and it's just an in depth look at some super interesting people. Sold.


I got surprised post-race with Wanderlust Gypsy Magic - a yummy smelling bath salt bomb with a secret ingredient: CBD. In case you don't know, CBD is part of the marijuana plant, but not the part that gets you high (that's THC). CBD has been studied and found to be great for things like relaxation, pain relief, and inflammation relief. Sounds perfect for post marathon. I added it to a bath along with some other essential oil mineral salts and soaked away. I do have to say that it was so calming and felt so good on sore muscles. And I woke up the next day with a much lower level of soreness than expected. So either they worked some magic or I'm a healing fiend. 


My all time fav natural wellness brand, Saje, has a fantastic balm for inflammation and pain called Trauma Less. It's got many useful oils in it, but the secret weapon is arnica. I had my massage therapist use it pre-race on some sensitive tendons and ligaments in my foot and I used it post race on the same thing. It seems to be working well combating 26.2 miles of pavement pounding. And of course it smells good. It's Saje after all. I can't find the product online, but I do believe that they have it in store at the new Fashion Valley location!


Every runner has food and drink that they dream about during the last few miles of a big race or long run. For me it's a blood orange San Pelligrino to drink and the food always varies. Luckily, my boyfriend knows my cravings well and we made sure to hit a breakfast spot with a San Pellegrino AND he purchased a box of Peanut Butter Puffins (which are by far my favorite cereal) and almond milk to have in the hotel room post race. YUM. I would eat bowls of cereal for all three meals every day if I could.