What I'm Into Wednesday - Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

While it's officially past Labor Day and much of the country starts to think about seasons changing to fall, we've had a serious heatwave in San Diego.

This year has been a totally different experience of summer for me: it's the first time I've lived in San Diego with an air conditioner. I used to laugh about that concept. Living by the beach it never got hot enough to think about needing one. But the combo of generally warmer summers (hello, global warming is a real thing) and moving inland made for a rough go of Summer 2016. 

When we moved into our current place they had just remodeled it and one of the major selling points was the A/C. 

So in honor of the heat, let's chat all things temperature related.





Staying out of the heat has meant staying out of my urban hammock and doing my reading in the house. I've been on a renewed reading kick, having finished 3 books in the past 3 or so weeks, and I've read some good ones. This week I finished Brain On Fire. This autobiography/memoir is about a young (20 something) journalist in NYC who begins to literally lose her mind: have seizures, hallucinations, psychosis, and amnesia. She writes the book a few years after the episode, using hospital video, doctors notes, family journals, and the few fragments of her own memory to piece together that mysterious month. It's fascinating, heartbreaking, funny, warm, and beautifully written. You'll fly through it.



Angelo's mom is visiting us this week (hi Vickie!) and she and his sister came to our cool home on Saturday night for dinner and to relax. We put on some records, made BLTs, and played Scrabble. A few things should be noted. I'm terrible at Scrabble, BLTs are delicious, and music just sounds so good on vinyl. One of my favorite records of ours is Leon Bridges album, Coming Home. Spotify that shit.


What makes a BLT so fantastic? All of the pieces. They all have to be good. Enter the below:

- Rosemary bread.

- Cilantro jalepeno garlic spread from Majestic Garlic.

- Heirloom tomatoes.

- Fresh grown mixed lettuce.

- Kirkland bacon. Yup, you heard it. Costco bacon is the way to go. And cook it in the oven. It's way better.


Here's a throwback for you. Who remembers Skin So Soft? Yes, the Avon lady sold body oil that your grandma/great aunt/old lady neighbor always smelled like. I had completely forgotten about this product until I was at our friend's house and Amanda had sprayed some on her skin as a bug repellent. It's amazing how fast some smells can transport you back in time - and this was one of those moments. Turns out you can find it on Amazon now. And yup, it works great as bug spray!


File_000 (13).jpeg

There are specific purchases that make you feel like an adult. For me, one of them is buying a rug for your house. When we realized that we had company coming over for dinner and game night we quickly realized we needed a rug, so people could comfortably sit on the floor. Enter Living Spaces. Walking into that store is overwhelming (in a good way, for me) and almost guaranteed to find you what you're looking for. We found the perfect rug for our living room for under $200 and had a great experience with the sales person to boot!