What I'm Into Wednesday - The Boston Edition

If you didn't already know that the 5th annual November Project Summit was this past weekend in Boston than you've been living under a rock (metaphorically speaking, of course). 

I'll take any good reason to spend a long weekend in Boston, as it's one of my favorite cities of all time. And this was a very good reason. 

So I present to you, the Boston Edition of WIIW.


In my almost 8 years being a resident of Boston there are still a few places that had been unseen by my eyes. I took advantage of having nothing on the schedule for the majority of the day on Friday to meander my way around the city, on my own time, at my own pace, and with my own two feet. Many hours (and 16 miles of walking) later I had come across two of my favorite sights yet - the Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library at the Christian Science Center and the Boston Public Library on Boylston Street near the marathon finish line. The $6 admission fee to the Mapparium was well worth it. This glass globe has a walkway through it and you're literally surrounded by the world as it was in 1935. A great light and sound show accompanies the tour and it's just a gorgeous piece of art. The public library was a fascinating combination of old world and modern architecture that was visually stunning at every corner. Same city, new experiences - always. 


Between attempting a full tour (running all 37 sections of Harvard Stadium) and running my portion of the marathon relay at Wachusett Mountain - I was pretty pooped. And so, so, so happy. This weekend was a great reminder of how much I like to push myself to my physical limits and that I'm ready to do so again. The past 5-6 weeks since the OC Marathon have been a struggle but it feels as though my body and mind have recovered (finally) and are ready to rock and roll!


Have you ever heard 1000+ people scream at the same time? Or that scream echo off of a concrete stadium? Or emanate in the woods nest to a mountain? No? Well you've clearly never been to a November Project summit. North of a thousand spandex clad humans converged upon the famed Harvard Stadium for a beatdown of epic proportions and then turned right around the next morning and took on one of the hardest trail races I've ever seen. The vibe, the energy, the heart of these people is amazing. I'm proud to be a part of it. 


Nothing beats the smell of waffles in the morning. Or any other time of day, if we're being honest. And no trip to Boston is complete without my favorite of all waffles - Saus. This gem in touristy Fanueil Hall is known for (yup) it's sauces - and my favorite carrier for a sauce is a liege waffle. These uber sweet desserts do nothing for your daily nutrition but everything for your daily happiness. Worth it, 100%. 


Many of you know that I'm kind of a lactard (I say kind of because I ignore this fact about myself very often). For months I've been told that when I'm in Boston I need to get "ice cream" at FoMu. So during my solo day on Friday I made sure my walking adventures took me down Newbury Street and did just that. Holy crap. The only bad part of my experience was having to decide upon 2 flavors instead of being able to eat them all. I settled on the homemade Oreo flavor and the peanut butter fudge. Heavenly.