What I'm Into Wednesday - Trader Joe's FTW

As of late, Angelo and I have primarily been Sprouts grocery shoppers. I find that I'm more likely to stock up on good, fresh produce and less likely to peruse the boxed/canned/packaged food aisles at Sprouts than at other grocery stores.

But I have a serious soft spot for Trader Joe's. It's my go to when I want some variety in snacks or to buy more reasonably priced versions of things like blue cheese (why the hell is it so expensive most places??). So this past week I did most of our shopping at Trader Joe's and found a few gems below.


I go back and forth on whether it's worth it or not to keep cold brew in the house. On one hand, it's the summer and often times the last thing I want is hot coffee but on the other I tend to be disappointed with a lot of store bought cold brew. While we all know nothing compares to Dark Horse, that habit can be expensive (and many times yields me eating a donut as well) so I was stoked to see Coconut Cold Brew Concentrate at Trader Joe's! And even more stoked that it was delicious. Problem, solved.


So, when is Smell-o-vision going to become a thing? Because my friend Amanda sent me a video text of her pulling the lid off a Crockpot and while I couldn't tell what was cooking inside, I knew it smelled awesome. Turns out it was homemade applesauce. Super simple: apples, water, cinnamon. That's it. Considering how yummy it is from a jar a few days later and the aroma still coming out of it, I can only imagine how the Crockpot itself smelled as it was cooking. It's on my list to try next week!


As a yoga teacher, there are a few artists that stay in relatively regular rotation on my playlists. One of which is Moby. But Moby has this song that has a totally different association for me. His song Flower is better known to November Projecters as Sally. And Sally is a bitch. Want a good workout? Turn on the song and do squats. Every time he says "Bring Sally up" you stand up and every time he says "Bring Sally down" you squat. Until the song is over.


I know I'm behind the curve on this one, but I just started reading The Power Of Habit and I am already hooked. From a sociological standpoint, the case studies, stories, and research in the book are engrossing. From a personal standpoint, I'm all about automation. And if you can learn about your habits and learn how to reprogram them than you can change you life. 


If you live in San Diego, you must go check out Wonderspaces. This pop up abstract/modern/interactive art exhibit is SO FUN. Angelo and I went on Friday as part of our "date night" (does 4pm count as night?) and we spent about two hours observing, playing, and soaking in the fun. And yes, while this space inherently screams Instagram, try to at least actually enjoy the exhibit before just snapping a photo or video. I can't tell you how many people walked into an exhibit, snapped, and then left. I don't even think they saw it. Enjoy it.