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Yoga for Runners

- Runner's yoga serves it's greatest purpose as a balancing force to the (often) high intensity training of runners. Running produces improved cardiovascular function and muscular strength - but often results in a lack of well rounded conditioning in the body. Yoga postures can balance out weaknesses, improve mobility deficits, and reduce lack of flexibility that can occur from focused training. This not only improves body function as a whole, but fine tunes the machine that is the body, and helps accelerate recovery from workouts as well as prevent overuse injuries. 

Run Strong

- Running specific strength training is imperative for building strength, endurance, speed, and preventing injury. This class is geared specifically towards runners and incorporating the specific movement patterns and muscles that benefit running. 

Recover Well

- Recovery is about more than taking days off. It includes soft tissue work, stretching, myofascial release, and mental preparation. This class is a combination of tissue work (such as foam rolling, use of tools such as the stick and lacrosse balls), stretching, visualization techniques, and meditation.

Photo Cred: Angie Afman

Photo Cred: Angie Afman

class schedule

Runner's Yoga - Sunday. 10AM, Milestone Running. Suggested donation of $10. No sign up needed.

Run Strong - Tuesday. 6PM, Studio Lifted. $10 drop in. Reserve your space. Payment due upon arrival.

see full weekly schedule here.

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