customized training programs

Half Marathon:

- Custom training plan - $149

- Custom training plan + full coaching services - $199.

Full Marathon:

- Custom training plan - $199.

- Custom training plan + full coaching services - $299.

All training plans and coaching programs include FREE yoga for runners on Sunday's at Milestone Running and 50% off of Run Strong and Recover Well classes.


"Lauren’s plan was perfectly tailored to my needs - she integrated races on my schedule and perfectly prepared me for one of the most difficult trail marathons. I went from not being able to run more than 8 miles on a trail to confidently running 26.2 through the mountains of Boston. Lauren worked to ensure that my life schedule - days I could train, vacations I was taking - was balanced throughout the plan. She knows just how to increase the difficulty so it’s just enough of a challenge with every new workout. I can confidently say that if you follow Lauren’s plans, you’ll achieve your goals on race day. I can’t wait to train for my upcoming 50k with her!"

- Antonette H., San Diego


"Lauren’s race programming is unparalleled. Her expert knowledge of body mechanics and race dynamics, coupled with her empowering coaching style, make for an unbeatable plan that is guaranteed to deliver successful results. This is not just a generic program – it’s custom-fitted to your preferences, strengths and goals! Lauren made the time to meet with me and get an in-depth understanding of who I am, and personalized my program to ensure it fit my needs. She provided education about nutrition, stretching and mental toughness too – all which helped contribute to my success! She checked in on me to provide accountability throughout my training and was always accessible and willing to answer any questions I had. I truly couldn’t have done this without her guidance, expertise and support. Me and my seven-minute PR are grateful to her and I absolutely recommend working with her, whether you’re a beginner starting to train for your first race, or a competitive athlete looking to take your racing to the next level!"

- Jessica N., San Diego

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